Everyone who knows me , knows how much of a hassle it has been to find a dress,

I have found THE dress which just looks great on me, it's not the type of dress I would have gone for at all, in fact it was one of the dresses we just put on to try it for fun, it was amazing on me. Mine is in ivory and it is silk and tulle and the bodice is lace with pearls and crystals. It's just amazing. I've found a link here it's the Herve Comtesse but the pic doesn't do it justice!! And I got it with a £450 discount. I dragged Mum down there in the afternoon after having tried it on in the morning, and it was a unanimous decision. We put down the 50% deposit there and then.

I'm so happy and I thank the Lord for helping me find my dress. Sassy, Dual, Bambi, thank you so much for the encouragement along the way

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  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Whoooo hooooo!!! I just had to give another yelp of delight. Now I have to cancel two appointments I had made for next week, they are no longer necessary!!
  • wow jess that dress looks fabulous! it is absolutely stunning! what a relief to have finally found it well done
  • You are so lucky, i am jealous.
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Thank you blaqueness and princess wannabe, i'm still pinching myself, although mine doesn't come unti May/June they said, I really can't wait to try mine on again
  • Well done jess i knew you'd find it this week just had one of those feelings!

    WHOOOOHOOOO! the dress is lovely!
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    thanks sassy, i feel like just shouting whooo hooo all week. Thanks for having faith when I had none!!

    It's completely different to all the dresses I had been picking out. I tried on that Alfred Sung one in the very same shop it didn't compare!!

    I just need to find a long beautiful veil, the one in the shop is too expensive circ £200.
  • bloody hell! bit pricey, i want a veil think i have decided against a tiara..........was gnna have both but think i'll just have a veil!
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    I think I'm going to have a tiara, my bridesmaids are having flowers in the hair, but I'm not prepared to pay so much on just a veil. I might just find some material and get somone to make it for me.
  • isha55isha55 Posts: 254
    Haayyyyy girl, thet dress is so beauuutifullllll, ur gonna look stunning in it.
  • Damn right...the dress is BAD!!!!!!! (in the good sense LOL)

    You will turn heads for sure girl!

    Mines really boring compared to that one!
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Your dress Dual is beautiful, the Romantica of Devon one's all are. I never got to try one on. I feel my dress is risque you will either hate it or love it, but since I love it I don't give a hoot LOL

    They say I shouldn't try anymore dresses, I had two other appointments booked for next Saturday.
  • i agree don't try on anymore dresses. x
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    Well done babe! That dress is seriously wicked!
  • Ladies

    I HAVE FOUND IT & yes I did go all weak at the knees etc, I had put a deposit on something ages ago and never went back, went looking once with my mum = headache,shouting,drama etc cos I didnt want lace,embroidery, frill, pleating , rouching, net,sequins etc etc, mumsy feels it should have all of the above and then some.

    Anyhow went back to the shop today to see how much if any interest had gone on my deposit, they were mid clearout type of sale, had a quickie look and there it was, waiting for me, tried it on its so sexy/glam everything and get this it has lace and sequins, (well pearl beads) it even has satin rouching on the bust and a train, mummy is gonna be so happy, but not as happy as me.

    Not looking at another dress again EVER

    cant show you a picture cos its in a local shop, just believe when I say its heavenly, I am dizzy with excitement.

  • isha55isha55 Posts: 254
    Awwww congrats brownie, i wish we could see it, does it have a name

  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    congrats! dont try on any more dresses!
  • njadivanjadiva Posts: 148
    u see what a little patience can do

    well done im happy for you now all you need is so nice good underwear to hold you good and you are sure to go

    well done xx
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Congrats, brownie, give us a name please we are dying of curiosity...well I am anyway!!
  • good on you brownie.... i had the same dilemma - and i too came up trumps - i actually got my dress specially designed and made in canada for only $850 all in - which was £400 - and it looks a million dollars - i based it on a design of a dress that i loved it has tulle taffetta ivory and gold embroidery on it with a long cathedral train - i also personalised it with mine and hubbies initials on it - i was flipping and skipping when it arrived and it fits perfectly as i am at my current weight for my wedding - the lady i worked with on it was fantastic, as anyone who knows me i like to hunt a good bargain, but it looks very expensive... if anyone wants to see pics of my dress let me know and i will send you a few pics...... she wil be making all my bridesmades dress all 5 of them for £400 pounds. oh her website is www.ifthedressfits.ca
  • Hi girlz, just for you I have tracked down a picture of THE DRESS. however I couldn't manage to save and attach so you'll have to go the long way round. here goes. www.demetriosbride.com

    then princess collection, then on the first page its the middle dress on the second row 9658. I've got all dizzy again just looking at it.
  • yes I'm still up and I'm going to work in the morning, I think I've told you rubbish re THE DRESS how sad am I, I had to have a look again before I went to bed, It is www.demetiosbride.com , 2007 collection, princess collection,middle dress, second row 9658. right I'm off to bed now, not sure how I'm gonna make it work tomorrow, but its an office day so may have a little sleep in a corner.
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    lol Brownie , your dress is beautiful. I can understand how you feel, you will feel giddy for awhile. I'm going to go see my dress this weekend!! lol I need a fix!
  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    nice dress brownie you went for the classic fishtail!
  • Hey brownie

    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and you will look elegantly beautiful I'm sure. It's been so long since I saw my dress I can't really remember what it was like, I need to go try it on again soon. x
  • Aww thanks ladies, even though you know itsTHE ONE it's nice to know you have'nt got totally crap taste.
  • Hey Brownie

    Your dress is gorgeous. I love the fishtail train.
  • for those of you who have not found their dress my cousin got hers from this website as it worked out cheaper and she foud she got a better variety of style - http://www.houseofbrides.com/home.php
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    Very sexy brownie! you go girl!
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