Custom made wedding dress

Hi guy's I was wondering if anyone on here has ordered a dress from 'Milly Bridal'??? I was thinking about it but i'm worried about the quality etc, please help!!!


  • MayukukMayukuk Posts: 15
    My friend had it done, came through in 2 weeks and got shipped to Nigeria, shes not seen it yet but I'll let you know.
  • jojoPMjojoPM Posts: 825
    From all the other posts I've read on here everyone seems happy with them.
  • ONELOVEukONELOVEuk Posts: 141
    I did read one post where the B2B was more than happy with her dress........ although it was not made in the same fabric as the original!! Not sure I'd be happy with that. But I must say, Milly seems to gets rave review otherwise.
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