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New the forum, has anyone been to a wedding where the bridesmaids were wearing fuuschia dresses a bright hot pink and what did it look like as thinking of going for this colour.

Also looking for a reasonable prices venue deccorater as my venue is a bit bland ?


  • Hi - I've not been to a wedding where they were wearing fuschia dresses, but I've seen plenty of real weddings in the magazines and it looks fab. But I really like pink so I would say that! For my wedding I wanted the bright pink BM dresses but as they are 9 and 6yrs old, I went for the pale pink and instead the flowers are going to be bright pink. I think if you want fuschia BM dresses you should go for it - it's your day - welcome to the forum!! x
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    I wanted hot pink but my bf wouldn't have it. Why bother with venue decorator. I've selected the best bridesmaids and they are doing the lot. Venue decoration, cake, bridesmaid dress alterations, dj the list is endless. Between them all if they can't do something themselves they know someone that can. The best bit is that they are so happy to be involved.
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    my frend got these from america...david's bridals i think. Good luck....oh yeh- the groomsmen had fushia cravats and it was nice
  • What is the venue like and how many guests?

    We are then better able to suggest ideas (depending on your budget).
  • I saw you fuschia bridesmaids dress they realy are nice although they are a bit loud but nice I notice that you said you ordered them from the us so where are you from if I may ask? oh by the way'' I am a professional wedding and event planner

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    it was my friends' wedding. she said she got them from david's bridals and she flew out there so i dunno if she even used a website
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    Thank you very much for the picture (uchewally) I so needed to see that, the dresses are a bit too bright for me so I have changed my mind, I am now thinking of a dusty pink, has anybody got any pictures of bridesmaid in this colour or pink in general but not the bubblegum/barbie pink.

    Re the venue it is in ealing town hall and it is rather plain in that half way down the wall is a horrible brown, the upper part of the wall is a magnolia. So i need ideas on how to jazz up the lower part of the wall. Budget is very limited ideally I would like to spend less than £500 but am willing to go up to £750


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    HI Morgan27,

    how about

    I wanted to use ealing townhall because of the space and proximity to my church. But we went for somewhere else afterall. I really like it. You could ask brent town hall for the number of the people who drape their own Paul Daisley Function room. Saw a wedding there and it was smashing. Or you could try the lady who's decorating for me and her prices are reasonable Doris 0208 7643751 o7932723982 She'll work with your budget.

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    Paul Daisley Hall at Wembley Townhall
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    HI Morgan27,

    how about

    hi, do you know were i can get these kinda dresses like them but prefer shorter ones

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