Venue Ideas in Essex or South London

Hi everyone..this is my 1st post so 4give me for any mistakesimage

We are planning to get married in May 2010 but have a big problem as we cant seem to find a nice, exclusive place as my h2b and his mum said the places we visited werent ok for our culture.

Im mixed race portuguese and he's dominican, both families like to dance, and want a BIG party!

Do you recommend any places in Essex or South London?



  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Hi luv,

    there are sooo many venues!!! It depends on what you want. Whe you say Essexs, how far in do you mean...Ilford, Romford, Chelmsford??? You need to decide. Also will you be self catering for your wedding? If so you choice of venues will be almost quartered.

    Town halls are generally a good idea depending on your budget? They usually have huge hall that look lovely inside.

    Greenwich again has some lovely place but most are hotels which means they will have to cater. Also depends on your numbers.

    Hope this helps.x
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    how many attendees are you looking at?
  • shazzzaashazzzaa Posts: 25
    Quendon hall has a Marqee that holds 450
  • shazzzaashazzzaa Posts: 25
    Fennes and the marriot at canary wharf both hold quite a few people i think.
  • HeloisaukHeloisauk Posts: 5
    Sorry for my delay in replying, but my internet is all messed up!

    im looking for a venue where i can have the ceremony and reception , and can accomodate roughly 120ppl.

    Anyone ever heard of Oaks Farm in surrey?

  • MayukukMayukuk Posts: 15
    Oaks farm looks nice (on website)

    Also try Braxted Park looks lovely too
  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    Oak farm is lovely but you can't bring your own caterers.
  • BoopyeeBoopyee Posts: 64
    This is a really nice venue that is in Essex. We really wanted to use it but couldnt...

    There are also some nice venues in south london like wandsworth town hall I have been to two weddings there and it is really nice.

    Also there is nice place in Dulwich called Dulwich wood house. Reasonable price as well and have been to some nice weddings there too. Hope that helps.
  • BabygaddyBabygaddy Posts: 36
    braxted park is NICE - if its within ur budget, its abt 8 thousand this yr (if i am right) its beautiful u can bring in ur own caterers and all, will kent be nice too, acacia hall is another one (also a marquee too) and a few others. lets know what the budget is, the number of people etc and i can give a few more locations
  • Stock Brook in Billericay Essex is really nice. I went to a wedding there last month. Its beautiful to get married & is great for a summer or winter wedding. I really wanted my wedding there but now im getting married in Mexico
  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride
    Did you say South London? Parkstead House is nice. It's a listed building in Roehampton. Exclusive use but the only downside is that you have to use their caterers. It's not cheap either, but it's lovely. Grounds overlook Richmond Park as well.
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