Hi everyone,

What is every up to for the festive period?

is anyone going away etc?

has anyone started their christmas shopping?

Has anyone finished their xmas shopping? lol



  • I bought a couple of things for my mum and H2B, i bought him some new running gear.

    My eldest I will buy clothes vouchers as he needs to update his wardrobe, ll his savings went on his car insurance. If I give him money he will spend it on his car!!!

    My middle son we bought his Xbox 360. Its all he wanted. It was all he was bloody getting anywayz! LOL

    My youngest asked for a white board/blackboard. He loves to play "teachers". It will keep him happy for months.

    Not getting heavy on the spending this year ladies...we all have wedding costs to consider so go easy.

    For anyone you aint seeing until after Xmas hit the sales on Boxing day and bag yourself some bargains!
  • you know that.....unfortunately i seem to see everyone before the sales lol!

    but xmas on top of wedding is just a lot of expense! especially when you have got kids!
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213 guessed it!! I have finished my christmas shopping!!!! And I have all my wrapping paper!

    I have even got the teachers their chocolates & wine for Cams school & donated vouchers from work to the raffle.

    Now I can't wait for it to come!
  • my god your so organised! lol i imagine you to be like the duracell bunny , just keeps going lol
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    well h2b says I'm like a rabbit......he he
  • isha55isha55 Posts: 254
    The only thing i've done so far is get the drinks, no presents yet but we're going next weekend so hoping to get everything then.

    This year we're spending xmas at h2b sister's hse, then new years eve we're having a drink up at ours, and have both sides of the family coming.

  • Crikey

    you guys are making me dizzy I didnt even know it was christmas til the other day, SO as usual I have done nothing, bought nothing, I'm only getting for maccaroni (my daughter) h2b and my other aquired daughter, no big spending, need the money for the event of the year, trying to convince hello magazine to take the pictures image it its good enough for film stars its good enough for me, some how I don't think it's gonna work :\)
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Lol brownie, I feel you. I actually heard there ae some suppliers who will give you a discount or services for free if you advertise them to your guests, ie hand out leflets etc. Don't know how true that it.

    Anyway Christams, we've told all family we can't afford to buy them anything. Might just get somethign for the nephews and nieces but other than that we can't!!
  • It's gonna be a quite one for me this year.

    Normally all the family come to me for the whole xmas period. This year just me, H2b and youngest daughter.

    They are doing the cooking. I have strict orders to relax.

    The rest of the gang are coming over after boxing day. My eldest daughters birthday is on Newyears Day, so we always have a clebration then.

    I haven't done anything yet.

    H2b bought some drinks, supposedly for xmas, then him and my son promptly drank the lot over the weekend. Claims it was a boys bonding session.
  • lol any excuse for a good old drink!
  • Im not a lover of Christmas, so over commercialized. Spend Spend Spend.

    And I ALWAYS put on weight over Xmas. lack of walking and the gym is closed!

    I will defo be doing some walking.
  • i never used to like christmas until i had my daughter and now i just make it special for her, its so sweet that she believes santa comes and he calls me to see how shes doing and if shes been good, its lovely, bless her
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Dual i think I will join yo on that one, loads of walking would be good for me!! I've got a week off before Christmas, I'm really going to utilise that to shed some weight. I'll go to te gym mid morning when I know I have sole use of equipment, make sure I have a swim as well, sauna steam room. By the time Christmas day comes I will deserve to pig out , but just for one day. I don't think I will though. Christmas used to be so special when I was younger but now every year is the same. I'm looking forward to Christmas 2009 though, hopefully I will have my first child by then.
  • isha55isha55 Posts: 254
    I love christmas, for me its a time to be around the family even more than usual. And the shops usually have good deals in them. Plus i love getting presents, im just a big big kid. lol
  • my sister and her bf helped put up my tree yesterday and h2b and his dad put the lights up outside, gonna put decorations on the tree next week with lil one when i feel a bit better!

    My mates mum will get my turkey for me, and she makes me christmas cake, trifle everything mmm i will probably put on about a stone over christmas lol!
  • Ok here's the real kill joy here.

    I hate christmas, past commercial, too much people, too much traffic, too much food just TOO MUCH. I usually work in an attempt to miss out. This year I'm working Newyear nights, so may have to get some christmas spirit, do you guys know where they sell this, can I get in on Ebay?? imageimage
  • lol you can get it in the pound shop, x
  • Did some xmas shopping on the net yesterday and will do the rest during the week.

    Am totally stuck what to get H2b.

  • what sort of things does he like?
  • He is a total film freak. Has about 600 dvd's and about the same in old video's.

    He ia also gaming mad. He has a Playsation 2, and a PSP.

    I have just ordered him the special edition box set of Lord of the Rings, but I don't know what else to get him.

  • how about some new games for the psp or the ps2?
  • I'm always picking him up games, and my daughter who works for sony is always getting him the latest games, so I don't really want to get him games or films as a main present.

    I'm stumped.
  • H2b xmas present arrived today. Thought I'd splash out and got him a laptop.

    I know he was planning to get one next year.

    He's such a baby. When the package arrived, h2b was just leaving for work. I got my son

    hide it.

    5 minutes after he arrived at work he rings asking me to give him clues. He has called about 10 times so far.
  • isha55isha55 Posts: 254
    Awwwww. Men their all big babies,

    I brought h2b a new music/dvd system for his car complete with speakers and amplifer, and a new weights bench.

    I cant wait to see his face on xmas morning, i've wrapped a little box for him cos he thinks his getting a new watch.
  • Evening Ladies,

    we're not splashing out on presents this year as the wedding is taking up alot (I mean all) of our money.

    H2b bought his own Christmas present a couple of weeks ago because he couldn't wait. He got himself an xbox 360.

    we don't have any children so christmas isn't the same as when I was younger, but I do look forward to spending at least christmas day with my family. I'm working New years, so I have to make the most of christmas day.
  • Husband to be found out i was getting him a Nokia N90 so he told me not to waste my money as his old phone is still works more than well enough.

    I don't normally enjoy Christmas but my son is staying with me this year - so i will have to make the effort.

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