No shoes

Hi wedding is in 12daya in LAgos. Problem is i don't have the underwear or shoes for the wedding....can anyone PLEASE suggest anywhere within Lagos where i can get good,sexy underwaer and shoes for the wedding? I really need help here!!!!!!!


  • kafagiwakafagiwa Posts: 48
    Sorry I can't help as I haven't been back home to Lagos in years.

    If you have time to get your underwear before you fly out go to rigby and peller in brent cross or knightsbridge in London.

    They will usually be able to do a quick measure and have most sizes in stock . If not go on and they do express next day delivery if you order early in the day.

    As per the shoe, I don't know, I had mine made for me so I didn't go to a store but I'm sure most places if you do an internet search or if you go to a bridal store they might be able to accomodate you.

    Good luck on your search and Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
  • MrsMR2bMrsMR2b Posts: 3
    have u been able to get anywhere to get them yet. if not send me ur no and i'll call u to discuss possible places
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