Wedding Cake

Hi ladies,

Have you all sorted out ur wedding cakes?

Cause i am at 6's and 7's with this because:

1. I do not want to spend loads

2. I am not serving the wedding cake at the venue (this because i think that people always waste it because they are so full up after eating and drinking so i am going to get my mum to make some weddinish cakes and i will putt them in cakes boxes for people to take home.

3.I am having a chocolate fountain and many other cakes for desserts

4. so the cake really is just for the photos

5. so i am looking for cake nice cake that does not cost the earth.

what is everyone else is doing i am opening to all ideas, suggestions and photos your help will be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance for all your help.

luv blaque xximage


  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Well I'm currently awaiting a quote from mother - in -law of sister-in law2b but if you want something inexpensive you can try Marks & Spencer or Waitrose. I heard their cakes are scrupmtious.
  • yes thats exactly what i was going to say order them from m&s and u can just have them decorated for cheap enough, should cost you under a £120 for a three tier cake including having it iced i'd say at a rough estimate x
  • mozdavismozdavis Posts: 248
    me too - we're getting ours from M&S then then florist is just going to decorate it with a few fresh flowers on the day...
  • yeah see i have seen the cakes in waitsrose they look nice but the ones i like are fruit and i hate fruit cake I will try m&s and see what they are saying
  • oh yeah and i am too lazy to sort out decorating it!
  • Am still debating whether to make my own and have it decorated, or have one made.

    I want a 3 tier traditional carribean black rum wedding cake.

    I have had a couple of quotes, £300 & £350. My budget for the cake is £350 so I just have to make up my mind what to do.

    Each of the people I have had quotes from are going to send me samples of their cakes.
  • try the samples and see if you think theirs or yours is better x
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