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Is it possible?

Lately i've been thinking of moving my wedding forward and having it much smaller. is it possble to have a small nigerian wedding or will it cause too much upset? i guess i'm just fed up of having to wait... and we're only waiting coz of money... what do you think?


  • Eme91Eme91 Posts: 35
    I think if you can move it forward. Nigerian weddings are notoriously large. I wanted only 60 guests but now we are on 160 and growing image

    The months of engagement can be a tension filled time and you dont want anything to go wrong. its your closest family and friends that matter. if you can fit them all in - then why not? However if you have always dreamt about your ideal wedding and its and expensive dream, then keep saving

    by the way when is your wedding meant to be and when are you thinking of moving it to?
  • i don't care what my wedding is like just that we are married in church and i'm wearing a nice dress thats all... but i am really worried about starting a fight... my sister didnt have a large wedding and had her kid a year later and my granma still makes snide comments...i'm just fed up of waiting. it was meant to be july 2010 coz i would have graduated but i'm thinking july 2009 now...

    oh my word from 60 to 160?! did you tel your mom she's only allowed a certain amount of ppl... i told her you get only 45 ! my dad only gets 12 lol!
  • sjm224sjm224 Posts: 644
    How about having a very small wedding and dinner and then a big party afterwards -would be cheaper and everyone could still be invited?

    I dont really know anything about Nigerian weddings, but surely people understand how much things cost?

    Good luck

  • I am having a small nigerian wedding..its our day not the familys..hello
  • hi reneebride2b...

    i'm waiting till 2010 now... my mom didnt like the whole getting married before graduating thing. i agree with her tho..i was impatient and patience is a virtue! but its 100 ppl only both for day and evening we are having a bbq on the sunday that everyone's invited it'll be ok!
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