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Paradisus Rio De Oro, guardalavaca!?

Hello has anyone been to Paradisus Rio De Oro ?

I'm getting married there next may, It looks and sounds fantastic would be nice to hear from people who've been there on holiday or indeed got married there!

Is there anything I should know other than what th travel agents hav told me??

thanks Jo x


  • VICKY441VICKY441 Posts: 39
    Hi there!

    Congratulations! Just wanted to let you know that me and my H2B went to the Paradisus in 2004 and loved it so much that we are going back there in June next year to get married. It is absolutely wonderful, the location and staff make the place and I can't think of anywhere more perfect to get married. There are some fab pics of weddings held there on Tripadvisor - but I am in the same boat as you and wondered if there were any tips anyone could give me about the actual wedding there.

    Vic xx
  • Hello Vicky,

    Its nice to finally hear from someone who's actually been there! is th gazebo really that beautiful? I would love to know more about what happens before during and after th wedding ceremony, fingers crossed someone will be able to help us!!! how exciting!!!!!!!!!!

  • VICKY441VICKY441 Posts: 39
    Hi again!

    Yeah the gazebo is lovely and there are sooo many places to have photos taken. The staff there treat any guest like royalty so I imagine for the wedding it will be amazing! The restaurants are all lovely too - I've been told the wedding ceremony is quite short and informal and will be in Spanish (with translation). There is a horse drawn carriage you can have that takes you around the resort for photos and then the wedding dinner takes place in one of the restaurants - i'm assuming the table will be cornered off for that. There is a disco that is open until 2am (lobby bar is open 24 hours anyway - oh and room service is free 24 hours too)!!! The dj in disco will play your first dance too but it would prob be best to take a cd with it on just in case they don't have it! The spa seems like a good place to get ready with the girls too (this wasn't built when we first went)! Oh and this resort really is all inclusive - branded drinks 24/7! Me and h2b drank them dry of Johnny Walker whiskey!

    Any questions about the resort just let me know! Have you any ideas on what dress you are having - I have been torn because of the practicalities!

    Vic xx
  • Hello!!

    Wow it sounds perfect! I really can't wait now! I can't stop looking at pictures of the hotel on th net, Think I'm getting slightly obsessed, good idea about the cd! Do u know if we can choose some music for walking down the aisle? Not that I've chosen any yet just curious.

    I've got 2 dresses in mind at the moment but hav only been to one shop here's th pics (i hope)



    I can only get this one up, how many guests will be going with u and how many bridesmaids u having?

  • oh its not workin i'll try again!!
  • Hi are getting me excited now - i just happened to spot your forum subject on the home page - I am going to this hotel in 7 weeks for my honeymoon - can't wait!! xx

    Heres the other, they're so different th first one is more exotic looking, aaah can't choose!x
  • Oh wow thats fantastic! You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back! Where are you getting wed? x
  • char94107char94107 Posts: 2
    hi jo,

    i'm a travel agent myself. this is a fantastic hotel. my collegues parents have just come back from a week at the paradisus, they said that nothing was too much trouble & just couldn't fault it in anyway.

    my manager is going there for her honeymoon in decmember for 2weeks. the ratings are 100% of location, food & service, & as youve probably seen in the brochures has been given a gold reward.

    i would definatly consider getting married there myself however, family & friends with children are coming (so not allowed)

    you will have no regrets booking this property. xxx

  • Oh wow thanks char,

    I know I hav made the right decision even more so after reading ur post! It's such a relief to hear from people who hav been there or know alot about it, I have been dreading my bubble being burst and finding out that th paradisus isn't all it's cracked up to be but it seems as if for once I've made the right choice!!

    Where will you be getting married, hav u picked ur dress yet? I'm going dress shopping on saturday as i'm still undecided!

    Thanks again

  • VICKY441VICKY441 Posts: 39
    Hi there!

    It is fantastic that I have found you all - think I too am becoming obsessed with searching the net for pics hehe! Any info would be much appreciated!

    Jo your dresses look amazing! Hope you have a good time dress shopping me and my mum ended up in tears! I have found a chiffon over satin dress (ella by essence designs). There are ten of us going in total and keeping things really informal so not having any bridesmaids!

    What are your plans?

    Vic x
  • Vicky, I think there are only 8 of us in total and only got bridesmaids (cousin & sister) as they kept asking and are paying for their own dresses. lol.

    We're havin a party wen we get home. How about you?

  • I'm so glad i can talk about weddings so much without boring all my friends! this site is a godsend!! x
  • VICKY441VICKY441 Posts: 39
    Hehehe - know what you mean Jo! My h2b is sooo getting bored with it all - can't believe I've still got another year - may explode!! Yeah we are having a party when we get back too - sounds like we may have quite a bit in common lol! Travelling with parents on either side, my brother and his partner and my sister in law to be and her partner!

    Which company are you travelling with?

  • VICKY441VICKY441 Posts: 39
    Oh btw my dress is by Ella (Essense) 5178 - it's chiffon and satin what do you think? I need some reassurance but the pic on the net doesn't do the dress justice really as you can't see all the detail!
  • I love your dress it's really pretty, not too heavy either! It looks perfect for the location, think I might have a look at some of those dresses too!

    My parents and H2B's parents have both split up and don't get on at all so we have left an open invite to close friends and family but our parents have decided not to come which we feel is for the best! So far my sister and her partner, cousin and aunty from my side are coming, and H2B's best man and his wife are comin. I think Steve's (h2b) sister may come too which would be nice for him, not sure yet!

  • VICKY441VICKY441 Posts: 39
    Hi Jo,

    Noticed on the other thread that you have picked your dress - which did you decide on?

    Vic xx
  • Hi Vic

    It's a maggie sottero dress I love it, and it's not one of the ones I've shown u. As soon as I tried it on I knew it was perfect! Put deposit down for it today but won't get to see it till january! I can only find 1 pic of it which doesn't really do it justice By Solo - Bridal Collection/images/darcy.jpg

  • VICKY441VICKY441 Posts: 39
    Hi Jo!

    Your dress looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the Maggie gowns!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a Paradisus group on Facebook that has some lovely pics of weddings too!! I am officially obsessed!

    Vic xx

    p.s. the group is called 'paradisus rio de oro changed my life'!! It's got to be good!
  • Thanks Vic,

    I'll go straight on it now, think i'm obsessed too!! hehe!

    Jo xxx
  • naominessnaominess Posts: 1

    Just wanted to say I booked to go across to Paradisus Rio De Oro on Friday, going across in January to get married, so it was very lovely to accidently stumble across these posts - thanks!!

    Naomi x
  • Hi Naomi,

    You'll be the first to get married there out of us so far ,so u'll have to report bac with photo's and tell us all about ur wedding! Have you picked ur dress yet??

    Jo x
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