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Any fantastic Niaji Caterers one could recommend

Hello Ladies please could anyone recommend good caterers..I'm fussy about food but acknowledges good quality/ tasty food when had...I have been told caterers have their speciality so was advised to use different ones...if I want the best?

I want rare food people won't not normally have time for at home like Togolese beans & sauce, moi moi..., yam porridge, meat pies, sausages, fried & jollof rice, efo riro, bitterleaf soup, curry goat....are some of the few I'm concerned about...Sorry for having to list...

I'm having as I say a cosy wedding with just close friend and family and really want to give them a fantastic time...they will forever remember!!!image

Also any wedding cake contacts would be most appreciated! My wed date is the first week of Oct08

Thank You so much for your time xxxx


  • BabygaddyBabygaddy Posts: 36

    cake - 2 people i have worked with and cake is LOVELY, first is paula -

    2nd is Bode (yes a guy, but his cake is out of this world),

    Let me know how u get on.

    for food try Tega email address( [email protected] or [email protected]) i worked on a weddin where she provided rice in leaf (LOL)

    let me know how u get on and if u want any other vendors, i have make up artist, photographers, decorators etc all LOL
  • Nitty74Nitty74 Posts: 15
    Thanks chic...really appreciate your help...heard of Bode b4...he most be good will him...was the leaf rice tasty..that's the most important thing...need good food..not
  • BabygaddyBabygaddy Posts: 36

    food was good for me, but i always recommend a food trial and.

    Her food was good sha LOL. Bode is GOOD LOL artistic and cake is just ..... he is good! again i recommend a taste cos it may be good for us and not wat u want.

    I also like my cake to sweet (extra sugar) LOL so if u r like me, u may want to discuss that with him etc!!!!!

    Try both and if u dont like it or u want to try others, leave me a msg and i will send more thru
  • Nitty74Nitty74 Posts: 15
    Babyda! thanks for your suggestions...its important one does the food tasting and not go by word f mouth...went for one..he was catering for a wedding and gate crashed and was totally disappointed! Pls do you have Bode's no? His site doesn't have it..thanks image
  • BabygaddyBabygaddy Posts: 36

    Pls accept my apologies, i totally missed this thread. i dont want to post his number here ... send me and email [email protected]

    in d mail let me have a list of what you r still lookin out for ie Bode's number for cake also try Paula, if u need anything eg make up, decor, etc let me know and i will send u all d details in one email. again pls accept my apologies for the delay in responding. Did u contact Tega for the food? Dont know her next party we could have gate crashed LOL!!!
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