Hi ladies

I thought it'd be good if we had a thread wiht all our wedding looks on them so we could see how each other's wedding looks are shaping up and personally I'd appreciate your opinions. Also could someone let me know how you make your own wedding website? I know a few of you ladies have them and I want one too!! image

Here is my dress which I'm having in ivory.

Here are my shoes but my feet are not as long as this ladies and they look better in person.

Here is the older bridesmaids dress

It's nowhere near as low cut as it looks and the v stops just where your bra would stop (so the girls can wear a bra and you can't see it. I'm considering wraps or some sort of arm wear for the service. Suggestions appreciated.

Here is the flower girl dress

It's the second one down on the right. The one with the low back. I'm thinking of customising the front with dark emerald crystals aroung the waist to tie in the the older bridesmaids.

We still haven't chosen the groomswear and i'm having trouble deciding on a colour. I'd really appreciate which colour you think would look good with the green.


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