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What DJ are you using and How much is he charging...thx

Hi All,

I know theres a few posts about DJ's and contact numbers.... but I havent been able to get in touch with some of them...

Can you please post what DJ you're using preferrably one who plays African as well as English and how much he's charging...thx..


  • BabygaddyBabygaddy Posts: 36

    I only have tel numbers and charges start from £400 upwards, it all depends on wat is required ie number of hours required etc. More for Djs like Dj Abass, KC etc

    Will send you numbers on fb later 2day.

    Happy planning
    Hi Tols123, Im using DJ 1st Nature for my wedding. He Dj'd at a wedding I attended on Saturday and I booked him right then and there. He plays Old school 80s and 90s, Nijja Hiphop, dancehall, ragga, yoruba music, afro beats, Gospel, funky house and soul. he can be reached on [email protected] or [email protected] Tell him josephine sent you. Good Luck ladies
  • Morgan27ukMorgan27uk Posts: 17
    How much does he charge?

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    He charges between £300 and £450, depending on the hours he is playing for. Im getting him for £300 as i will also be having a live performer, so he wont be DJ continiously.
  • T123ukT123uk Posts: 44
    thx I've sent him an email. On the subject of live performers....who are you using....and any idea where I can get contact details of live performers...thx
    Im using Mr Solek, my cousin knows him, so that was a pretty easy contact. Who are you interested in? my cousin might be able to get the contact for you. He is a bit of a social animal and parties within the Nigerian entertainment circle.
  • T123ukT123uk Posts: 44
    I'm not sure really I havent all depends on what their hire charges are like.....for about 2hrs.... do you know how much the charges start from...
    No idea on what their charges are like. I personally think everyone's price is so different. if i had an idea of what sort of live bands you wanted I could ask around. A friend of mine had two Fugi musicians at her wedding and they were good, they were identical twins too, so the entertainment was nice, but they only sang fugi and i think their starting price was £400. Someone like Olu Maintain, is bout £700, starting price. So again it depends on what you want. Gospel live musician, who play gospel fugi and gospel afro beats, start at about £500.
  • T123ukT123uk Posts: 44
    Theres a band thats supposed to be really good called FeyiSara...havent heard them before..but my firends say they are very popular at weddings...have you heard of them before....
    I've heard of an entertainer called FeyiSara, although never heard him play..check out

    Hope that helps

  • T123ukT123uk Posts: 44
    Hi SBHSalon, I just got a quote of DJ 1st nature and his quote was very reasonable indeed....I told him you recommended him .....I might be booking him for my wedding...

    1 question though, how would you rate his music...would you say its more for young my partner and I are fairly young....24/26.........or is he more for the older crowd.........and also do you know roughly how old he is...that will also determine the kind of music he plays...thx so much for your help...

    Hi Tols,

    I think he is 25, he told me he was starting his masters in September after taking a year to focuse on full time DJing, following his degree. The couple who's wedding i met him at were also in their mid twenties and i guess what impressed me was how he was able to get everyone dancing together. The bride was White British and the Groom Nigerian British, but he played a good mix of old school classics, afro beats and even gospel, adding his own twist to it. So i was pretty impressed. He did say he played at a lot of Nigerian Birthday bashes for age ranges of 18-60th birthdays.

    I guess you'll need to sit with him and tell him what you want. I have an appointment to catch up with him 2 months be4 my wedding, to discuss what i want, i.e music to introduce us at the reception for the first time as we dance in, actual first dance music etc So i think you should do the same no matter who you book.

    The link for FeyiSara, was that the one you were looking for?
  • Hi All I have been a bit busy of recent I haven't managed to take part in any discussions until now, I am using a guy called Dj Deoba A'tic he his very good he dj at my sisters and cousins wedding last year 07932 961 658
  • T123ukT123uk Posts: 44
    Hi SBH,

    yea I think thats the guy on myspace...didnt have a chance listen to his music on youtube i could only access a video his band drumming....anyway thanks for your help....much appreciated..
    No worries, I pray it all works out for us all, and we have amazing weddings. LoL
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