the day is looming!!

hi girls,

im getting really nervous now... only 38 days to go... arghhhhhhhhhh!!! in exactly 4 weeks time we'll be sitting on the plane destined for kenya. i've already got so nervous i cant eat, sleep, feel sick am not nervous about the ceremony itself just all the small but important things like ppl having a good time the 2 families getting on ok (they havent met yet!) etc etc. we'll have 10 days to chill out before wedding and hopefully in that time i'll calm down. im also really worried about crying at the ceremony i get choked up just watching pretend marriages on tv!! am also buying an apartment too at the mo so thats stressing me out a bit. lets just say ive mastered the breathing techique! i just cant wait for the honeymoon when its just me, h2b, white sands and hot sun. how are everyones elses plans going?


  • Time flys by. I bet you are well excited. Im excited for you girl!
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    Wow here I am panicing cause I have 203 days to go. All the best princess I'm sure it will go well!!
  • hi tiara,

    ahope your day goes well, spoke to my family in kenya and they say it is really raining hope the sun comes out just in time. Do enjoy the day and let others all worry about the little problems that pop up.
  • I have 204 to go!
  • i have my fingers crossed that the weather for nairobi will sun shine. vixen do you what traditions there are for 'the receiving of the new daughter' i think its tradition from the kamba ppl where the women from the receiving family come to you in the morning and they dance and give you advice about marriage and then again at the reception when you enter as man and wife they dance and sing more. have you heard of this? and do you kno if this is what is done? i would love to know what im getting myself into lol! do you any you guys from african backgrounds plan to wear traditional dress as well as the white wedding dress at the reception. h2b thought it would be a nice idea to fuse the different backgrounds. at first i wasnt too keen but now i think its great. no one is going to have a wedding like ours so ive gone with the flow and embraced everything.. almost! also as its very much approaching iwe need help with hymmes. h2b only knows xmas carols (bless him) and i only know 2 other hymmes. we dont want lord as my shephard as it was played at a family members funeral do you have suggestions? we are having a full choir to sing

  • Good luck let us know how it all goes! you'll have to tell us all about it when you get back!
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    It will be fine hun!!!! Good luck!!
  • Re: Hymns: Joyful, Joyful or Oh Happy Day will be sung at our wedding.
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