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Zimbabwe Wedding Pics

Thanks for all your kind comments ladies x

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  • Hi mrskat, just had a look at you pictures.You looked lovely.

    They make me feel so homesick.
  • orchid28ukorchid28uk Posts: 401
    Wow! You look stunning and your day looked wonderful. What lovely scenery you had!
  • mrskatongeramrskatongera Posts: 310
    thank you both x
  • NodNod Posts: 47

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  • NodNod Posts: 47
    nice pics u looked great!u no gables no longer doing weddings shame innit lvely but they couldnt cater 4 my guests nway as i have 350!

  • NodNod Posts: 47
    any more zim brides

  • MrsZ2bMrsZ2b Posts: 53
    I am a zimbride as well but i'm getting married here we cant afford to go and have the wedding in zim.Lovely pics mrskat

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  • NodNod Posts: 47
    wen is your big day

  • MrsZ2bMrsZ2b Posts: 53
    4 April 2009
  • NodNod Posts: 47
    wow have u sorted everythin yet?...mine is dec havent bought the dress yet!
  • MrsZ2bMrsZ2b Posts: 53
    not yet napasi i have only bought the bridesmaid's dresses,invites and part of the decorations .due to poor finances we are hoping to do most of the stuff of my bridesmaid has offered to buy the cake so thats sorted.we have found the venue we like so hopefully can pay deposit asap.Dec is jst around the corner what have u got left to do?
  • NodNod Posts: 47
    have u got caterer if u dont let me kn0w... reasonably priced still havent made invites...most are 4 those in zim,havent done much!!!would u believe!! got tickets 2 worry abt as well!! i suffer from procastination!was told my dress cant be made in time just great innit bek 2 square 1

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  • MrsZ2bMrsZ2b Posts: 53
    the staff at the venue are doing the catering for us i must admit i have been to a lot of zim weddings and i've never been satisfied with the catering.its either the food's not hot enough,plates are not been cleared quick enough and at one wedding even the cateres were not dressed proffessionally (wearing tracksuit bottoms)and at one wedding my sis ended up assisting with getting the plates out as they didnt have enough staff.Where are ur cateres based and how much are they charging? what have u got on the menu?

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  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    loving the pics . congrats to you both .

    jules xx
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Lovely pictures - congratulations honey xx
  • NodNod Posts: 47
    typical cant get the caterers nway i have been to a party they were catering really good no problems.have you got a dj etc yet i cant even sleep now cos of the wedding things not sorted and havent got the guest list as yet yet again my mums has te whole hood on the list yet i need only 75 from her stress!
  • ruvruv Posts: 1
    Hey guys... nice to see some zimbaz around. I got married in 2006 and my wedding was a complete disaster imageimageimageimage . we bought nearly £10k worth of wedding stuff including gazibos deco etc and sent them off to zim 6 months in advance but it didn't arrive. I was stressed out!!!! We just had to make do with what we could get and I never got the wedding of my dreams...... it still makes me cry. Our wedding stuff arrived in Zim 3 months after ..... If you do decide to get married in Zim my advice is ... have your reception at a hotel where everything is provided saving you the hassle, use a reliable courier if possible split your consignment. We hope to have a 5th or 10th wedding anniversary ... maybe that will make up for the disaster. Best wishes to everyone that is getting married.

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  • sounds like you had a ruff deal Ruv especially after spending so much.My sis got married @ sheraton hotel in dec 2006 and luckily it went fine.Unfortuonately we cant afford to go home to get married so we are just settling for good old Eng,hoping to bring family over for the wedding so hope it goes well
  • htchtc Posts: 1
    Good things are coming to Zim. I agree with Ruv a once off payment for food catering and all z mnandi, for those who want to get info that iz zim relevant on weddings i found a site that haz all the zimba stuff the address is
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