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Videography Recommendation needed please

Does anybody know of a good videographer that charges reasonable rates, I had one quote of £2999!!!!

Is this the norm???


  • koolbridekoolbride Posts: 85
    I used a guy who charged £400 and i'm happy with my dvd, he came to my house in the morning and stayed till the end of the reception.

    Email me and i will forward you his number.
  • T123ukT123uk Posts: 44
    Hi pls can I have the videographers details and what did you think of his overall contact details are [email protected] thx..
  • hmmm 400 pounds I will love to see what he did, I have heard too many horror stories,. anyway you can try and I still havenot decided which one of these companies I am going to use yet
  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    i used

    they were fab x
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