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Hi, I'm new so bear with me.

Have telephoned today and spoken with the Wedding Organiser at First Choice with the intention of booking the Playa Pesquero for our wedding in March 2009. The lady there said the Wedding Co-Ordinator in Cuba would not confirm the date of our wedding. We were thinking of flying Fri 6 March and getting married Mon 16 Mar. We particularly wanted this date as we have family and friends who will not be coming for the whole 2 weeks holiday, just travelling over for one week to come to our wedding. The girl at First Choice said no that wouldn't be possible to organise and it could well be that when we arrive on Friday 6 March I will then be "told" what day I can get married.

Has anyone had a similar problem ? Is there a way I can sort this out ?



  • debbiejukdebbiejuk Posts: 7
    I am sorry, i cant really help you with this but you must be having a nightmare. We are getting married in Barbados next year and have been really fortunate to have our date booked and confirmed. Is your holiday booked already?
  • pickles80pickles80 Posts: 557
    We're planning our honeymoon to Cuba and have been into First Choice. It surprises me that they can't tell you an exact date for your wedding over there, surely every bride to be wants to know exactly what day she'll be getting married. Have you tried contacting another company (kuoni/Thomas Cook) or a different person at First Choice to see if they can be anymore helpful?
  • chocybuttychocybutty Posts: 380

    We are booking our wedding at pp on friday for next oct 09. i have read on here that if you email the wedding co-ordinator idirectly that you can sort out a day with her and a time you do not have to wait untill you get there.

  • sugaryuksugaryuk Posts: 3
    Thanks everyone. I am going to go ahead and book tomorrow. If anyone has the email address for the wedding coordinator at playa pasquero could they let me have it. Happy weddings everyone. xx

  • nicky123uknicky123uk Posts: 112
    Hi, i am getting married at the Iberostar Daiquiri in Cayo Guillermo. When we booked our wedding with First Choice we were told we could pick two dates and would then be advised in Resort which date we had.

    I left it a few weeks and emailed the wedding planner at the hotel and she has told me the date and time of our wedding. She is also looking into other bits for me as well, as i would love to have Calla Lillies for my bouquet, asi have heard from other brides that you don't get an option.

  • emmquiemmqui Posts: 62

    Im getting married in Cuba in Feb 09 and have booked with Thomas Cook. They have asked me for 3 dates which I am happy to be married on and asked which order was preferential.

    They have advised me they will confirm in the next 6-8 weeks as to which date I can have.

    Explained I needed to know as a couple of our family are also only coming for 1 week so we need to know which date.

    Em xx
  • Hi I'm getting married in cuba may 09 i have booked with first choice and have chosen 2 dates and won't find out till we get there which one it will be if any. We are there for 2 weeks.

    I'm a little concerned as we fly out on the 3rd and 4 of our guests don't arrive till the 9th! i have chosen the 11th or 12th as we want to have a bit of a honeymoon.

    I haven't heard back from first choice yet and sent my wedding package forms back over a month ago, not sure what happens next does anyone else??

  • nicky123uknicky123uk Posts: 112
    Hi Jo, we have booked our Cuba wedding through 1st Choice.

    After you have sent back the paperwork there is nothing more to do, as i wanted to know the wedding date i emailed the wedding planner at the hotel and they told me the date and time that i was getting married.

    As you need to know cos some of your guests are going out a bit later, i would email the hotel and ask them to confirm the date of your wedding.


  • Hello nicky

    That sounds like a good idea, in thought i was meant to receive a reciept of some kind through the post with the wedding planners email address. do i just find out the email address myself online??

    Where will you be getting married? nosey me! lol

    Thank u

    Jo xx
  • nicky123uknicky123uk Posts: 112
    Hi Jo,

    I am getting married at the Iberostar Daiquiri in Cayo Guillermo.

    I looked on the Iberostar website after speaking to somebody else on trip advisor and they suggested emailing the wedding planner. On Iberostar's website they actually had a seperate page and email address for the wedding planner, when i emailed them they didn't reply so sent another email but to the main reception and they forwarded it on for me and the wedding planner then responded quite promptly.

    Where are you getting married?? If its the same place let me know and i will forward you their email address.


  • Hi Nicky I'm getting married at paradisus rio de oro in Guardalavaca, I'll have a look on their website and see if there is any info on there!


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