Wedding Organiser - Melia Cayo Guillermo

Hey Ladies.

Just a quick one :

Does ne1 know who the wedding organiser is at the Melia Cayo Guillermo? If so does anybody have an email address for them as I would like to get in contact to try and clarify some stuff!!


Em xxx


  • nicky123uknicky123uk Posts: 112
    Hi Em, this is the email address on their main website. you could try emailing them and asking them to forward it to their wedding planner.

    [email protected]


  • emmquiemmqui Posts: 62
    Hi Nicky,

    Thanks for that, ive emailed them and fingers crossed I get a positive reply.

    I assume ur getting married in Cuba? When and what hotel?

    Luv Em xx
  • nicky123uknicky123uk Posts: 112
    Hi Em,

    Yep also getting married in Cuba!!!!! We are getting married at the Iberostar Daiquiri on 9th Feb 09.

    Can't wait!!!

    Only 202 days to go!!!! so much to organise before then!!!

    When we emailed the wedding planner at Iberostar, he didn't reply to our 1st msg so emailed him again and he responded within a couple of days, hopefully they will get back to you quicker!!!!


  • emmquiemmqui Posts: 62

    Havent had a reply yet but only been a day so wasnt expecting a reply that quick neway!!

    Thats so freaky, waiting for confirmation of my date but its either gonna be the 05/02/09, 06/02/09 or the 09/02/09.

    Fly from Manchester on the 01.02.09! Booked saturday just gone and it has made all so the more real!!

    Ive got loads of stuff to sort out aswell, including our reception on our return!! Although I have fnd a dress & bridesmaid dresses so getting there slowly but shortly!! Lol!!!

    Luv Em xxx image
  • nicky123uknicky123uk Posts: 112
    Hi ya, Have you received your wedding pack yet from your tour operator?? As you have only just booked it,the hotel might not no about it yet as think they only find out when you send back the paperwork from your pack.

    After we had sent back our wedding pack we waited a couple of weeks b4 we emailed the hotel to get confirmation. Also asking the hotel to sort out other stuff as i want specific flowers so need to know whether i can get them over there in Feb or whether i need to take silk flowers, and would also like a sunset cruise after the wedding before the meal.

    We're not having a party back here, least that's one thing not to worry about!!!


  • emmquiemmqui Posts: 62

    Havent had a pack yet. How long did it take for u to get yours?

    I had a response from the hotel with the contact details for the wedding planner, so ive emailed them neway. Mite aswell see what they say.

    Been emailing another girl of trip advisor that got married there 2 months ago and she was on about having a private reception on the beach, i fancied the idea of that so ive emailed and asked them that aswell. Ive asked them about flowers aswell, not to bothered about specific ones but would like an idea of what sort of flowers and colours if possible.

    I have had to have a reception, to many ppl that cant come and want to be there, got a rather large family and some very close mates at work. This is the most expensive thing about it!! Not really surprising!!

    Em xx image
  • nicky123uknicky123uk Posts: 112
    Hi ya.

    When we booked ours, we were told we would get the pack in 6 weeks but it actually arrived within1-2 weeks, was quite shocked as others had said that theirs hadn't arrived for ages.

    We looked into having a private reception on the beach, but can't at our hotel, can only have the meal in one of the restuarants. think it also depends on how many people you have going, think someone said you had to have at least 20 people for the reception for them to do it.

    Have fun planning!!!


  • emmquiemmqui Posts: 62
    Hi All,

    Thought id give u all an update!!

    Havent had pack yet but the wedding planner has already emailed me bk, confirmed my date, gave me details of my flowers and confirmed I can have both the meal and a beach party afterwards!!

    Have emailed her wiv more questions now, she doesnt know what she has let herself in for!! Lol!!

    How is everyone else getting on?

    Em xxx image
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