GHD's and styling products

Hey! I've just found this chat stream! brilliant! It's so hard finding hair and make-up ideas! So hoping you can pass on some wisdom...

I'm debating with myself about wedding hair styles at the moment. Want a young romantic look. Would love soft ringlets in an updo with pearls or flowers. I've never tried GHDs on my hair and was thinking of giving them a go? Does anybody use them? Are they any good on afro hair? Any recommendations for good styling products to use with them?

cheers girls!


  • Hi Lainey

    Yes I have GHD's they are brillant on my hair. I dont use the GHD styling products though, dont know if they are suitable for Afro hair.
  • Hi Lainey

    I have GHDs and they are a godsend. I think the GHD products are ok but there are better (and cheaper) options that do the job just as well e.g. L'oreal Hot Straight, tresemme flat iron spray etc etc. It's easy to create ringlets and a straight look with the GHDs but you might need a bit of practise for the curls.
  • i Have them too got the wide plate ones that are for afro them don't know how i have ever survived with outthem!
  • Fantastic! Thanks very much. will get one of those styling products you mentioned, Rebeccag2b, test my friend's GHD's and let you know how I get on!
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