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African Dancers...been searching high and low

Hi guys,

Anyone know where I can get African dancers for my wedding?

Been searching every where but cant seem to find any via google.....

I'm looking for approx 6 dancers with some drummers.....

If you know any....can you please post their contact details...



  • NodNod Posts: 47
    ask uche,check her pics she had them

  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    8th luv is right- had them at my wedding. absolutely fantastic
    Hi Uche, do you have the contact details for the African dancers? and how much did they cost?

  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    They cost £500 for 30mins- ask for back flips, dancing and plate throwing

    Community Resource Centre

    William Dunbar House

    Albert Road


    NW6 5DS

    49 Alpha House

    Alpha Place


    NW6 5TE

    353C Fore Street



    N9 0NR

    Phone: 020 8933 3670; 020 7372 3355

    Mobile: 07940 561
  • NodNod Posts: 47
    wowww! uche that was some money well spent reminds me of rich bride poor bride when a bride wanted clothes for her dog (not that your wedding is any comparison to this pet!) and because she was changing 5 outfits the dog also had to have 5 outfits in under 3hrs!and they cost more than the groom's tux...
  • Ask for Oduduwa Talking Drummers - they were at my wedding Aug 09 and were really good.
  • Ms L Jr, do you have the contac details of the Talking drummers, they sound really exciting.
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