Is it worth it visiting the wedding show at the NEC?

Just wondering if it is worth it going to the wedding show at the NEC in Feb?


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    wheres the NEC? lol
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    yeah it was okay. i went in september i think. ( nec is birmingham )

    it was packed but they do buses from car park to actual building. some people on here said after they were disappointed that some suppliers wouldn't travel out of birmingham which seems silly as meant to be country wide exhibition !

    came away with some great jewellery from the £5 jewellery stall, great quality.

    got all my cameras for reception and mum loved trying on the outfits.

    if going and wnat to see the live catwalk get there early as you'll never see a thing if at back !

    great day out for me and mum and came away with loads of ideas. we used it as a chance to take a trip to the birmingham confetti store as my closest store.
  • I was thinking I might take the day off on the friday, as I am hoping it maybe less busy. Wonder if it will make a difference.
  • I went to the October show. I really didnt think much of this years show, its wasnt as good as last years. I bought my table bubbles and thats about it, plus it wasnt any cheaper, I just saved on the postage costs. They had loads of dresses which you could try on but I found it quite impersonal. Tryng on your wedding dress should be a personal moment for you and maybe a select few, not the whole of Brum! However some of the dressess were at bargin prices I understand.

    Im of the opinion once you have been to one good sized wedding show you have seen it all. I find the smaller more local ones better and they have more time to talk with you. But then maybe every Bride to Be should visit at least one national wedding show.
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