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Hair for the D Day

Hi Ladies

What are you doing to your hair on the d day? Has anyone got any pictures of hairstyles that would look good on African/Caribbean ladies?


  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    i think the common theme amonst us is to either weave it or bun it......
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    I love your straight to the point answer Sassy!!! hehehe!

    I am bunnin' it!

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  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    lol u c i told ya
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    I'm weaving then bunnin!!
  • vijumbavijumba Posts: 41
    I am having small human hair braids then get to style it and tong on the day of the wedding. anyone recomend human hair braids that are really good quality?
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    milky way! Human hair!! very good for braids
  • I'm wearing my hair half up in a sort of roll with the back tonged and loose (my own hair). I have bought a beautiful diamante and silver brroch that my hairdresser is going to pin into the roll to make it look more elegant. BUT if it turns out that I'm having a bad hair day come my wedding morning, I will be slapping my hair back into a bun and pinning the brooch into that for glamour.
  • vijumbavijumba Posts: 41
    thanks jess I have decided to go for braids as we are leaving for our honeymoon in bermuda the next day and don't want bad hair days and horrible pictures to remind me of the honeymoon. braids shoud be mangable in the humid climate and it means I can swim and not have to worry to much.
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    True I agree with you in that sense, it's just get up spritz and go with braids. milky way has lovely texture and doesn't tangle as much. I don't know whereabout's you are but just go to Finsbury Park, another one which would be good is Sensational, they have all colours, although I don't recommend it for weave it tangles a bit.
  • Thanks ladies for your ideas. I wanted to have my hair in as natural way as possible as in something that come that night can be taken off....image but Vixen has really given me something to think about... I dont want to have to be dealing with styling my hair during the honeymoon... and risk having bad day. I really hadnt thought about that before. See I knew it was a good thing posing the question here. Looks like its going to be human hair braiding...hmmm
  • vijumbavijumba Posts: 41
    I shoud really thank my maid of honuor as she did ask me about bad hair days uring the honey moon.

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  • NaddyNaddy Posts: 114
    Has any one tried Tanagra - permanent hair repair system or know anyone who has?
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