Wedding Dreams.......

Every night this week i have had wedding dreams!!

My hair looks a mess

NO guests turn up

Everyone leaves early

i look like shit............

argh its driving me mad!!!

is anyone els having wedding dreams?


  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    Not yet!!!! and by the sounds of it I may just keep my fingers crossed i don't!
  • i've had another dream..............dreamt last night that i cancelled my dress!!!

    i bought another one, and then went into hysteria trying to get my old one back!!! and they said they didn't make it anymore, i freaked out ....what about the dress i originally ordered and you was making for me etc......awful!
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    ooh sassy, you must be worried about something. i haven't started having those dreams yet, but my h2b is startign to panic anytim ehe hears me speaking about getting something he gives me the third degree. my friend was talking about someone she knows who does cake and although i've already ordered cake i thought i might need one or two more , and to sound friendly and not to sound rude i just said to her, keep her details for me thank you, you know how you do out of politeness, h2b gave me an hour long lecture about finances and how much everything is costing and how we need to cut down costs?? where was he when i started planning everything and i needed help? hello!!
  • nataliedcrnataliedcr Posts: 1,759
    i've been having crazy dreams recently, it's usually the day of the wedding - i'm about to walk down the aisle but i can't find my shoes/earrings/my dress is too big/my hair is greasy/etc.

    it's such a relief when i wake up and realise it was just a dream! x
  • I keep having a scarey nightmare that I'm not going to be able to pay for it all & I'm not even asleep !!!!!!!!
  • brownie thats reality....mine too lol
  • I've also been having some funny dreams... mostly that i start preparing myself too late on the morning of the wedding, then we get stuck in traffick jam on the way to the church... (wedding in kampala, uganda, traffic jam terrible!). not nice, but guess its a reflection of the worries we have but try not to think about???
  • Hi Ladies,

    I had my first wedidng dream the other day, all my bridesmaids are with me at parents house on the morning of the wedding getting ready, but one of them starts putitng on a light blue evening dress (their dresses are deep red!) so I ask her what she is doing, and she fobs me off with 'it wil lbe fine no-one will notice' ??!!! So I flip out at her and then run out int othe streets searching for a matching dress for this bridesmaid..then i wake up, terrified!!!

    Funny thing is she was the one bridesmaid out of my 6 (All close girlfriends) who initially expressed that she didnt like the colour I want her to wear... she's fine now but sure its just that coming out in the dream. it really freaked me out!!!
  • camillamukcamillamuk Posts: 753
    Ive had one wedding dream so far, that on the day i realised i didnt have any wedding shoes. So my bro was dispatched to the nearest town and bought back the most awful pair. Just as im wondering what on earth to do - i wake up, still all panicky.

    Solved the prob though, the next day i ordered some on-line, they arent my dream pair but everyone says you dont see the shoes anyway. Im still secretly thinking i may get another pair to dance in as well. Im just glad my dream wont happen now.

    Met another bride while trying to kit my h2b out the other day and she mentioned seeing what loosing shoes means. Does anyone know a dream website where you can find out these things??
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