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Hi everyone,

Does nayone know of any really good gospel choirs that dont cost the earth? I have heard a lot about the London Community Gospel Choir - but at £1500ish for 5 songs, my parents/fiancee will kill me if I even suggest it! Everything is getting very expensive already!

Amina xx


  • Eve81ukEve81uk Posts: 74
    Try the CK Gospel Choir if you google them their website should come up x
  • Hi Minamina,

    You could google Blessed Voices, 4 talented young men. They are awesome. I know they do sing at weddings but don't have their details or know how much they charge. When are you getting married. Planning to use them for mine in Aug 09.
  • You could also try Luton Gospel Community Choir my sister in law sings with them and I know they book wedings. They are really good.. Beverly from the last XFactor sings with them too! x
  • hi minamina

    have you been in touch with any of the gospel choirs? are u planning to have them just at the church or at the reception as well?
  • Hey ladies,

    Sorry not replied, been so busy! I haven't actually ahd a chance to even look at this stuff again! But I will lookinto all you suggestions. Thanks again. ladys48 I am planning on having them at just the church...although I am still not 100% sure I want them at all. h2b and I still need to deideon what kind of vibe we want for the church service. Either gospel or a beautiful traditional vibe. e.g songs like ave maria etc.

    Will keeep you posted!
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