Tiara's and Hair accessories

Hey Sassy and other ladies,

Here are the websites I have aved over the few months so have a look. I personally am looking for hair vines of pearls and crystals you know the ones that go round your head twice or three times. I can't seem to find any so if anyone knows where I can find something to that effect please let me know.

Please feel free to paste any websites or info on tiara's you may have.

Thank you!!








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  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    www.bridalgems.co.uk i have seen a nice one there
  • darrenukdarrenuk Posts: 116
    Hi Jess

    I have bought mine from www.melttiaras.co.uk and she was fantastic, went to see her and she is hand making it (WA54) and adding in things such as more pearls as I am wearing my Mum's and more sparkle as that is the kinda girl I am. All for the meagre sum of £70. She is wonderful with loads of ideas and really decently priced.
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    I saw a lovely one on that ebuni site. I want something mainly silver with some srystals or perhaps diamantes in it but to look kind of regal rather than princessy.

    they need to know who;s the queen!
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    lol Bambi, I can see you in a crown too , will totally suit your personality. Anyone seen some nive hair vines out there? I liked ebuni cause it had some nice hair clips!
  • NaddyNaddy Posts: 114
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Found what I wanted in my hair, what do you guys think, it would go so well with that necklace I want, it's nice and simple cause I didn't want a tiara, if I combine this with hair pins stuck in the bun, i think it would look okay. What do you guys think?

  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    its very pretty will match your necklace! x
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    lol, you mean the necklace my H2B won't let me buy. I'm going to buy it though. Sale ends on the 31st of Jan so still plenty of time!! So I'm sorted now, I've got the necklace, I've got the vine, now I need the earings. I just want simple pearl earings, so will go to the jewellers today and have a look, oh and I also need the sparkly pins in my hair. I know the type I want. Are you ladies all wearing bracelets?
  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    well i think you should get it! what do men know about shopping!! lol
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    I agree Sassy, I'm getting them anyway, his sister just said there are some things you shouldn't consult men on just do what you have to do. Now all that's left is earrings!!
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