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Invitations/Order of service in Naija?


Is anyone gettting their invitations or order of service done in Naija? If so, are their any suppliers that you can recommend? Looking to save some money by doing it this way.

Thanks in advance.


  • Eme91Eme91 Posts: 35
    How about getting a friend of yours to design them here and then just sending them to the printers or printing it at home yourself. I did that and it worked out alot cheaper
  • KayaukKayauk Posts: 170
    Eme91 I think that is a fantastic ide but how did you go about it all? I would love to do the same
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305
    Hi MrsAnani tobe,

    we got ours made in nigeria. I sent a pic of hubby and I to my ucnle in lagos who was flying in for the wedding. I told him that they should be A5 and ivory/gold/orange in colour. I left the rest to him to be creative. I left him £100 and he made 350 orders of services. I also typed out all the readings/poems, bridal party names and wedding details onto a micorosft word document which i attached and emailed to my uncle, who pormptly emailed it to a printers. Their details are

    Dis vision inc +234-805-531-4308

    or Print Mate 08023149812

    07023184022 [email protected]
  • GarrymcGarrymc Posts: 305

  • Thanks Uche,

    I wanted to do all the invites and Order of Service in Naija to save money. I will be going there in Dec for hols (may well combine tradtional wedding) so wanted to at least try and source someone who could help. My Uncle is also based in Lagos so will pass on the details so that I can check them out when I get there. How did you find the OOS? They do look really nice. My colours are gold and cream again like you am willing to waiver my control and give my Uncle artistic independence. Will let you know how to get on.
  • Hi Eme91,

    You do have a valid point. Will check out prices at some printers near me. Just don't want to spend too much on the invitations or OOS as these will no doubt find there way in the bin/floor. Just want to give the appearance that they cost me an arm and a leg. Hubby s keeping tight control on the purse strings lol... so have to be really creative.
  • woaw uchewalyy i like your order of service..... try and get the contact number for the Wedding Store in Ikeja Lagos they are fantastic
  • try and get the contact detail for the wedding store in ikeja
  • Hi ReneeBride2b

    I have heard of the Wedding Store. I did attend a wedding where they designed the OOS. Will check to see if their details are provided. Let's just hope I still have it lol...

    Have you or do you know anyone that has used the WS?
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