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Mama Calabar Resturant


Has anyone used mama calabar for their wedding...what was the food portions like....she's catering at my wedding but I havent yet signed the the finishing stages....she's charging £2700 for 250ppl on food only...excluding crockery/linen and service staff....(have to get a planner to sort that out seperately..)

Pls let me know if she has catereed at your wedding or has anyone been to a wedding where she provided the buffet....thx


  • Hey Tols123,

    just a quickie - can I ask how her food compares to Sandayo's? Last recall that you were discussing costs with her also - I see these prices are almost half that of Sandayos!

    Oh - just realised that you are getting the crockery elsewhere, so guess that reduces the cost x

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  • Tols,

    Why Mama calabar? Having eaten there...I don't think shes that great a cook...and my friend bad reviewed her food as well. Have you tried other alter..if your wedding is not too soon will recommend some caterers you can try and go and do tasting...I'm very fussy about my let me know if you want to try my recommendation...and would also suggest you use more than one caterer if you could!
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    I would also be interested in your recomendations Nitty74

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  • Busola..for majestic catering her details: TASTE IS EVERYTHING

    Majestik Food (UK)

    Unit 8 Barking Business Centre

    25 Thames Road Barking

    Essex IG11 0JP

    T: +44 (0) 20 8594 9100

    F: +44 (0) 870 131 7720

    M: +44 (0) 7886 292 566

    E: [email protected]


    I really advise go food tasting..go for an occassion if possible where they're catering...

    My favorite is me he food is delicious and varied..from Ghanian to Japenesse...I went to an event of his...and was blown away with the food rang I tasted...his might have to chase him a bit...but the both and a third one ..are making my food...even though I'm having a guest of 50ppl!..Am i fussy or what???lol..

    Let me know how u get on!xx

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