Car Hire in South East London

Trying to sort out car hire, and wondered if any of you had any suggestions. Hoping to get a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Limo for the bridesmaids.

If any of you have any recommendations, that would be most appreciated.



  • jojoPMjojoPM Posts: 825
    Not sure if it helps but I had a Bentley if you're interested it was a really good price.
  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    Hi Jojo, what kind of bentley was it and what was the price0company. thanks x
  • Thanks Jojo, where and how much? Did they have any other cars in their fleet?
  • jojoPMjojoPM Posts: 825
    I'm not sure if they have other cars as I only needed one. They are located in Essex but they do London also. We paid £250 for the Bentley Arnage

    If you want the number drop me an email.;\)
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