Where can I get deep blue shoes for trad wear!

Pls ladies...its 17 days to go and looking for deep blue shoe to go with one of my traditional wear!

Have ebay'ed and amazon'ed to see what online but big feet problem prevails...

Where is the best place for this kind of shoes...liverpool street? I wear size 8+

Thanks so much in advance!!

xxxx :\?


  • KayaukKayauk Posts: 170
    I am a size 10 you can get large shoe sizes from the following places

    Oliver Ashley,

    Logo or Panache Camberwell or Dalston



    Unze (i will double check the spelling) Green Street East London the shoes here are fantastic and will be perfect

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  • Thanks Kaya..Unze is fab and the business..I needed!
  • KayaukKayauk Posts: 170
    have you been to Unze already
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