Allum Hall - Elstree

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone used this hall? I am getting married June next year and I'm interested in it mainly because its's quite close to home but it's very difficult to imagine what it will look like on the day when it is not dressed.



  • Hi there

    It is quite a nice hall, I have never seen it dressed. I live less than 3 mins away from the hall. I had a look at it last year but decided to get married abroad.
  • Thanks Mexico Bride. how weird. i also live less than 3 mins away. (boreham Holt) What a coincidence. When are you getting married? i'm getting married in june 09
  • Hi NKiruE

    Yes thats right boreham Holt. (LOL) a big coincidence. I am getting Married Next Year July 09 in Mexico at the Moon Palace resort.

    What other places have you looked at?

    Who is going to do your catering. We was going to get married in the UK and going to hire favours catering. The man who owns the company lives in Borehamwood.

    How many guests are you going to have?
  • lol, what a coincidence. the other places i looked at were in Central London because I used to live there. I also considered getting married in New York as my h2b lived there till a couple of months ago.

    I haven't really picke a caterer yet. I have just had a look at favour's website and i like what i'm seeing. I'll give them a call in the week. I'm having about 250 guests. Do you know roughly how much they charge?
  • We was going to have everyone seated the food bought to the table on in bowls in hot plates so our guests can serve themselves. So it is like a buffet but your guests stay seated and help themselves to as much food as they want.

    You can either have the food displayed like a tree in the center of the table or just have the hot bowls around the table.

    Anyway let me stop woffling, they charge between £18 and £25. There food taste nice. I was invited to one of their events by the manager in central london venue where they have weddings. They set it out really nice buffet style and had a caribbean theme. Big palm trees in the middle of the table with red, yellow and green shakers.

    Have you been to New york before?

    I went their last year for thanks giving, and we bought our wedding rings from their.

    Is your HB2B american?
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