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Okay so my fiance and I x-ed the idea about getting married in France and we're now doing it in London which makes things a lot easier. We're doing the traditional wedding at my parents home in Surrey because they have a massive garden and we can set up marquees and stuff. I wanted to know what sort of Nig caterers you would recommend? Preferable a company with wait staff?

Also I read here about a great phorographer that specialises in Ethnic weddings, can't remember the name now... Any ideas? I think someone mentioned that their prices were off the scale, but I'd like to take a look at their web site.

Thanks a bunch ladies!! image


  • ok when it comes to Catering..3 company names

    1. Favour Events

    2. Magic Fyngaz Events

    3. Inspirational Caterers...these are the 3 i will reccomend any day.
  • oh sorry, When it comes to Potograph for me its got to be out of these 2 Guys

    1. Index Photography by Abi

    2. Atunbi Photography

  • It's got to be favour catering. They did both my engagement and wedding and were absolutely brilliant. They provide wait staff and pretty much any additional extras you might want like fruit trees, chocolate fountains, chair covers etc. Professional and on time too!!
  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    Another recommendation for FAVOUR. They are fantastic, everyone was talking about how nice the food was. Nigel is lovely and really accomodating. Magic Fingers is a big NO!!!
  • hey Ember, pls can you please say why Magic Finger is a big NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EmberukEmberuk Posts: 117
    If you do a YAYW search of their name you will find the reviews posted earlier in the year. My experience with them is in the process of going to small claims court. I can't say anymore until the case is resolved.

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  • ember, pls send me an email to tell me pls cos I am thinking seriously of using email is [email protected] thanks
  • GayneeGaynee Posts: 22
    I think its unfair to make such a statement and not qualify your accusation. Sometime we don't tell the complete can you say don't use them and thats it.

    My junior sister and cousin used them this summer for their weddings and they were absolutely fabolous.

    so Madam Emberuk, what are you not telling us? ,its either you tell the whole story or not tell us at all.

    I hope you don't think i am attacking, but on my sisters wedding day, someone on this forum discouraged her from using a certain Cake Makers and she ended up using someone else that was completely rubbish.

    Vendors aren't allowed to come on these forums, so it only fair that we offer other brides a balanced story so we can make an informed decision and not an emotional one based on someone else experience.
  • BrideBBBrideBB Posts: 9
    Has anyone heard of king Solomon (Caterer)? Someone recommended him to me but I haven't got contact details.

    Also any advice of Favour vs Magic fingers vs Jollof Pot vs others?

    I'm looking to caterer for 400 people, but do I tell the caterer to cater for more incase extra people show up uninvited? Since I am paying per head how does it work in situations when extra people show up?
  • Diddi Catering is a professional catering service, inspired by the African cuisine, we aim to provide our clients with top class services, to cater for all event types, such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events and many more. Our constants are quality, style, attention to detail, value for money and above all, exceptional quality delivery and excellent client experience.

    If you require further information about how we can help to deliver 'quality at its best', give us a call on 07984549669 or email - [email protected]

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Kind Regards

  • I think Magic Fingers are better for FOOD but definately not for SERVICE! I recommend if you're using them, you get everything down in writing!as they tend to go back on verbal agreements and get as much finances as they can from you. And don't expect to get your damage deposit back either!

    Orders are being placed at the moment for December celebrations.

    Would you like to have your favourite meal prepare without you going through the stress of cooking?

    Would you like your friends and family to enjoy the meal at your place when they come visiting during Christmas and New Year?

    Are you busy with other activities and would like the food side of things taken care of?

    Are you an event manager who is looking for a food caterer ?

    Do you have End of Year party at Work and need food catered for?

    Are you looking to launch a new product or brand into the next year?

    Or you're simply interested in our catering services during Christmas and New Year.

    Kindly give DIDDI CATERING a call on 07984549669 or [email protected]
  • Oh no, I just booked a tasting with Magic fingers, are they really that bad??
  • Photography:

    Jide Alakija : .. He's reallly good

    Or Creative pieces (you could facebook that link)

    If you need a wedding planner that specialize on Nigerian weddings facebook search: .... They are pretty good aswell and pretty cheap image

    Hope it helps
  • Diddi caterers how are they in terms of price though? We want to have around £250 people have a £2000 budget in catering... do you think that would be too small?
  • Hiya,

    I was a bride last August and wanted a perfect wedding with all the trimiing but vendors let me down.

    Anyway i decided to start my own catering company.

    contact me on [email protected] for pointers or a free no obligation quote and we can take it from there is you are interested.

    we can discuss your budget, your menu, the venue - hopefully if i cant help with the catering i can give you advice on something else


  • hi,

    Farida's Kitchen is passionate about preparing mouth-watering dishes and making every dining experience an enjoyable and memorable one.


  • Try Adebayo Deru! love his work.
  • Photography:


    Jude Alakija


    Adebayo Deru

    Abi Oshodi

    Should I go on?image
  • Hi Brides-to-be

    My wedding day was more than I could ever imagine. 3 months later and guests are still commenting on my choice of venue, d????cor, favours and other elements that were very unique and had not been seen before. Even with all the stress, I took great delight in planning, preparing and organising my own wedding day. Seeing my hard-work and vision come to fruition gave be butterflies. Although on the day I had a coordinator that was instructed only two weeks before my big day to ensure everything ran smoothly as opposed to finding vendors and venues.

    That is why I want to start a career as a wedding planner/ co-ordinator. With my experience and wealth of knowledge for especially Nigerian weddings I want to help other Brides-to-be have there perfect day come to fruition just the way they have always envisaged.

    If you require assistance, guidance or just someone to hold your hand and guide you through the stressful moments of wedding planning please email me. Would love to help.

    P.S. I had 600 guests at my wedding, so no wedding is too small or too big for me
  • Ok just double checking- are all of these caterers mentioned based in London? Does anyone know of a Nigerian caterer in or near Bath or Bristol? Cannot seem to find anything!!!
  • could you provide an email address please
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