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Planning a wedding in Nigeria from the UK

Has anyone had any experience of planning a wedding in Nigeria from here in the UK.

Finding it really hard to plan things.

Just need to know if it can be done.

Thanks :\?:\?


  • I'm also planning on getting married in Nigeria and i really don't know how we can plan it from here. Any tips PLEASE???
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    Think the best tipis to make use of any close friends and family you have in Nigeria to get an idea of the cost of things.

    This website is useful (if your getting married in Lagos that is). I'm getting married in the south/east and having a nightmare finding good vendors.

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  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    Thanks for the tip. Yeah i agree that's the best way but it will still be stressful cos i'll still want a large contribution of my input. Good luck and please, update me on any findings that may be helpful..


    BTW: We plan on getting married in Abuja
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    Have you printed your invitations yet?
  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    Not yet. Have a few designs so just to find the right printer. Going through another forum on here, ppl said it would be better to have it done in Nigeria. How bout you?
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229

    i found the webpage above, problem i'm having is all the vendors on the net are based in Lagos.

    I am having my invitations printed in Nigeria, there is a company based in VI that do lovely designs and the quality is better than the stuff here. let me know if u want the contact details. People here use them as well so i would recommend them (even thou hubby thinks they are too expensive - he is just tight anyway. U know Ibo men and money!!!!!! LOL)
  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    Lol... I'm Delta Ibo so i know what you mean. Please, i would love the contact details for the VI printers. Thanks also for the webpage. Will also let u know of any important tips i come across or you can aslo ask as well if you want..Thanks again
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    They are called Tender Touch...............i'll look for their card and post the contact details here. ok found it.

    230 Muri Okunola Street VI. 01 2710299 or 01 4720052

    080 60144289.

    they do other things as well cos i am getting notepads printed for my friends and guests with them as well - I think the little note pads are just over N15,000 for 200.

    when is ur wedding? are you excited?
  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    My wedding is in Sept 09. I am really excited and it seems so far away now but i know the planning will make the days whizz by quickly.. I'll be in Nigeria soon as well. Thanks girl..

    Are u excited? When is your big day?
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    My wedding is May 09. I am excited and stressed. I feel like H2B is doing nothing even thou he assures me he is..............hmmmmmm.

    Got my dress.........guess thats the most important thing right? LOL. Was in abuja 2 months ago - its a really lovely place but a bit too boring for me. will be in naija for Valentines day next year...............gosh can't believe how long that is.

    feel free to ask me anything or pass on any tips.

    Gosh you wait all ur life to get married it finally happens and then when u see the amount of planning involved it just stresses you out. I just thank God I have a wonderful fiance - when bridezilla emerges he is always there to calm me dowm.
  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    So happy & excited for you. Yes oh, i haven't even started the proper planning and i'm already stressing LOL.. I am yet to finalise on THE dress, but i have a few options lined up and hopefully, in the next few weeks, i should have made a final Abuja is a lovely place but i do agree that it's boring. My family lived in Lagos and only moved to Abuja 3 1/2 years ago. All the same, it's peaceful and they love it so can't complain much :\).

    I would definately ask you for tips and feel free like i said before to do the same..

    Keep me updated on the plans..

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  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    word of advice - if ur taking the dress to Nigeria.............. best to pick something that can travel light. And make sure the airline allow u to take it on board as hand luggage
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    Thanks - I have come across this site as well. But its based in Lagos and I need vendors for the south east.

    I'll be going to PH in Jan 09 to seek out goo vendors.

    Thanks thou - cos i was going to call them for the flowers.
  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    I think just weddings can cover the SE as long as you cover their transport and accomodation...

    Also, did some research and came u with these various websites. Might be helpful

    Funke Bucknor - Zapphaire Events -

    Gbemisola Adenekan - Omega Events -

    Jibola Ponnle - Stencil Events -

    Yewande Zaccheues - Eventful

    Duupe Adeniran- Weddings Impeccable

    Gina Ojomo - Any Events Plus -

    For floral decorations and arrangements, try Newton & David I'm sure any of these ppl would be willing to negotiate covering your area.

    Let me know what you think

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  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    Thanks for this - it is extremely helpful (but looks expensive) hmmmmmmmm but what with the falling pound - things are looking a bit cheaper (at my end at least anyway). I'll take a look at this later. In the office at the moment.

    Oh I wanted to have a wedding planning free week this week, after sending all this links I can see its going to be near enough impossible - I think hubby is getting fed up of all this wedding stuff at the moment - LOL, I feel for him.....i don't think he has the faintest idea of what he has just signed himself up for. HA HA!

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  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    Does anyone have an idea of how much phtographers charge in Nigeria for a whole day. I'm doing the church wedding and trado later the same day - why o why o why I agreed to this stress I have no idea............

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    Oh also wanted to know where I can get those big orange/reddish beads women wear during their trado - and how much. As someone that grew up here and lives here i'm not that up to date on nigerian weddings in Nigeria!
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    I thought I would ask again - as I know the ladies who travelled might be back soon. Still really need help even thou i will be there in 2 weeks.
  • Hi- im new to this site! got engaged Sept 08 and was over in lagos planning my dec 09 wedding. Arranging vendors etc. My photographer ade plumptre charges flat fee of £350k (both engagement and wedding day and you get a complementary pre wedding photoshoot (20-30 pics) Enter his name in google adn check out his website- his contact details are there. Good luck!
  • Hi, I am new to this site but I belive I can help 'cause I also planned my wedding in Nigeria from the UK. I made use of a wedding planner based in the UK ,who caters to couples based in the UK and getting hitched in Nigeria and to be honest my wedding turned out beautiful and well co-ordinated. She can be contacted on 07912946276 (it's being 2+ years). Good Luck
  • NwunyeFNwunyeF Posts: 8
    Just had a look at adeplumptre's site and his work is really gud. I really think he is worth looking into. Thanks 4th July.
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