Gospel songs!

Hi ladies,

My gospel choir is going to do a 30 minute set. I need to provide them with a list of songs that i like but now my mind has gone blank!! Can you please help? I love very upbeat gospel music such as 'oh happy day'. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks x


  • MadgeoMadgeo Posts: 13
    Eyes on the Sparrow, Something Inside so Strong (not really Gospel but covered by lots of Gospel Choirs and Groups. Also, Lord You Are how about some of the well known Kirk Franklin ones always popular - hope this is helpful.

    Would you mind telling me who you are using because I am thinking of having a choir at my wedding which is not until early next year but worth having the info. Thanks!
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    His eye is on a sparrow is one of my favourite songs ever. It sounds best when sung by 2 people though with one as lead. It is amazing. I feel likec rying everytime I hear it, it's beautiful.
  • MadgeoMadgeo Posts: 13
    I agree but hopefully it is a cry of joy not sorrow!
  • MadgeoMadgeo Posts: 13
    I agree but hopefully it's a cry of joy not sorrow.

  • I am using the Willing Spirit Gospel choir. I found them through vegas entertainments that is an agent for gospel choirs. He has so many on his books so will find the right one for you.

    Thanks for the song suggestions, i love eyes on the sparrow, that scene in sister act 2 always makes me cry x x
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Could you tell me how much you are being charged for your gospel choir?
  • Hello

    I represent 2 fantastic gospel choirs in the UK - one Manchester, one London based.

    If anyone is interested in more details (I have pictures, biographies, music demos, song lists) please feel free to contact me.

    If you google Silver Dog Music you will get more info.

    Best wishes

  • has anyone got any suggestion on some upbeat hymns for us to sing in the church!! even though im getting married in a gospel church i want all those who dont attend church on the day to walk away and say wow!!!
  • liz66ukliz66uk Posts: 964
    Here is a few suggestions you should have:

    My jesus, My saviour aka Shout to the Lord ( slower lovely song) - darlene zschech

    Worthy is the Lamb - darlene zschech

    I need an Angel - by Ruben Studdard

    Lord I lift you name on high - Various

    Jesus, Lover of my soul - darlene zschech

    I give you my heart - Morgan

    Google 'shout to the lord' cd collection and songs on here are great for gospel choir, especially those from darlene zschech.

    All these will sound fab with a gospel choir! Good luck!

  • I love the song by darlene zschech which goes 'i love everything about you'- know it? Not really a gospel song, just rememered when reading liz66's post.

    If your weding is in the church you normally go to, why not include some of the songs you normally sing, which you like and suit the occation? Some of the good old hymns can also be really nice, i think much depend on the music accompagning it. Like 'How great though art' or 'Great is thy faithfulnes'. I like the old hymns as most of them have really nice and meaningful lyrics. But many of the new songs are also really great, so it really depends what you want. I think for ours we'll go for a mix of traditional hymns and more modern praise ad worship songs, like the ones liz66 suggested. If I come to think of more i'll post them here!
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