Any Recommended Caribbean/Nigerian Caterers?

I'm of Caribbean origin and my hubby to be is Nigerian.

Does anyone know any London based caterers to accomodate both cultures?

We are getting married the end of June 2009.

We will be having a hot buffet style reception catering for 200 guests.




  • There's a highly recommended caterer who does BOTH Nigerian and Caribbean food, google favour catering and events!
  • mbleaumbleau Posts: 13
    Their menu looks great and they have catered at our reception venue. I will arrange a quote. Thanks Gemini
  • You're welcome! I'm waiting on a call from the owner to discuss prices and menus..... Yep at midnight....
  • nimsgirlnimsgirl Posts: 480
    There Tomi Kitchen caterer, Deptrford Branch 0208 694 9352, clapton branch,0208 8062114 and hackney 0208 9866226
  • i have used mamaput catering and their food is great. They offer nigerian food that tastes authentic. i think their number is 07931311659. their website is good luck hun
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