Inspiration for Carribean reception

Hi all,

I'm from the Carribean but am getting married in Scotland.

Does anyone have any good ideas for our reception?

I want to incorporate a Carribean theme into our wedding breakfast.

Any ideas for table decorations, seating plans, table names, colours and the general look?

All suggestions would be really appreciated!

Thanks :\)

M xx

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  • Hi Yellow Fozzie,

    Well first of all you defiantely need a steel band playing!

    The colour scheme could be based around a Caribbean sunset, some really rich oranges, fuscias, pinks etc..

    Also, prehaps name each table after a caribbean island?

    And welcome drinks...Rum punch!

    Hope fully this should help a little bit?

    Good luck with the planning!

    E x

  • YellowFozzie, you live in the Caribbean and your coming to Scotland image

    Scotland is soooo cold!! I'm like a little old woman when it comes to the cold, lol... Maybe you mean you come (hertige from the Caribbean)...xx

    On from MrsJ's ideas...

    *Caribbean Rum Cake

    *As well as a steel band, get a good Caribbean (Soca, Reggae) DJ

    *Try to find a caribbean caterers .. found this one online


    113 Buccleuch St



    EH8 9NG

    0131 662 9111

    This is the first Jamaican

    restaurant in Scotland. Serving ackee and saltfish, goat curry, coconut fish and


    *Dual had a fabulous table names of famous black people - it looked great in her pictures... try to search for her pictures... the table names had a picture of the person, with the dob and some facts about them - if i remember correctly!!


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  • Mrs Tinkerbell, I like the sound of the table names! I can't find the thread anywhere though. image
  • I just found the thread but see them in the photographers pictures... it must have been a guests/family who took a picture of it... i will ask her where she got it done and let you know x
  • Thanks!!!
  • Thanks so much Mrs Jones and Mrs Tinkerbell. Great ideas! (Mrs T - I grew up in the Caribbean but I've been to Scotland. I know what it's like - very cold! I'm worried about some of my friends coming over who've never been before - yikes!!)

    Do either of you know any good Scottish steel bands? I've heard of the Black Star Steel Band in Glasgow but it looks like there are lots of them - think we'd only want two or three.

    Mrs Tinkerbell - that restaurant in Edinburgh looks fab - I will ring them up and see what they say.

    We're thinking of putting lots of shells on the tables in the marquee as well as some vases of water with floating candles and maybe a big palm tree at the front with fairy lights in it. What do you think?

    I like the idea of naming tables too - how about the names of beaches we've been to? That way it's a Caribbean theme but it's still quite personal to us.

    Anyway, thanks again for all your help!

    M xx:\)
  • This again is a search online i found..

    Caribbean Steel Band

    Tropical Heatwave

    Tropical Heatwave a superb Caribbean steel band with limbo dancers

    There is four of them in this band, here is the link, with there contact details

    Please YF - pre-warn them about the weather conditions in Scotland image i sould awful don't I.. im sure its not that bad really... I did the opposite - left the UK for a wedding abroad in Jamaica. When you getting married? Have you thought about your colour themes yet??

    PCee - i've messaged her, should get a reply this weekend..

    Table name with beaches visited is also a good idea, or favourite places in the Caribbean you have visited.. then have a picture of the place visited, when you visited there, and some facts about it?!

  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Don't know what time of year you're marrying but if it's summer, why not do something nice with fresh tropical fruit (like mangoes & pineapples) and have it decoratively displayed on the tables?

    Also, ask around about steel bands. Near my home town they even have a steel band at a local primary school and the kids are very good! Careful research could get you a cheaper band. It's not how well known they are that counts, it's how good they sound and how reasonable a deal they can offer you!

    Best of luck!

    Bambagirl x
  • PCee ive sent you an email hun..x
  • Hello

    Yellowfozzie not sure where you are from in the Carribean, but many of the English speaking countries have scottish connections Barbados & Jamaica I know for certain.

    For my tables I chose places in Jamaica with a photo & a little bit of info about that place, Perhaps you could do something similar pointing out the connection to Scotland.

    Ps got a lot of complements on this particular aspect of our reception & every one of the table cards disappeared into handbags My MOH has hers in a frame.
  • Thanks Tinkerbell - got your email. I'm going to make a start when I've shaken off this flu! xx
  • I'm glad it came in useful.. feel free to email her directly for any other info/help if you need it

    What have you decided on; inspirational/famous black people or something personal to you and h2b?

  • Thanks! I can't quite decide. h2b is showing no interest in this bit so looks like I'm on my own. I guess I should just be grateful he was slightly interested in the centerpieces! Lol.
  • LMAO.... my h2b was the same lol!! I wish i did take his relaxed/laid back attitude as the day went without a hitch and those little things i couldn't get at the end - nobody even noticed!! lol...
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