styles for trad outifts...kente..lace...aso oke...gele...ALL

Hi girls...

So, I have been thinking about my outfits for engagement and white wedding etc.. and want to wear

1 kente long style (maybe with a mix of fabrics e.g. satin/silk to contrast the kente)

2 different long lace styles (for the engagement)

1 candy anthony style shorter lace style (for the white wedding)...which I would like to wear with a gele.. would this look strange?

any ideas?

here are some pix I've collected from cyberspace! xxx apologies in advance if I happen to feature anyone you know.. or indeed yourself! lol... take it as a compliment... x

I'd love this in a lace style for the white wedding

I love this but with kente?! what do you think?

I love how this kicks up at the front...! ; )P

Here, I like the whispy bits on the back... could I add these to my short lace style?

ok.. now over to you guys... xxx


  • ooops here's the whispy bits one...

    here's the kick up front...
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    ibiduni4nana - thanks - i think i am going to steal a design. the 2nd picture on your first post - will probably sew something similar but with straps.

    WOW. they are really nice.

  • oooh! this short style but not in kente print but with lace and then the satin bit at the top would be like an organza overlay.. like audrey hepburn 1950s style and the whispy bits at the back and with an underskirt in a bright colour from beyond retro!!!!
  • They're lovely!! Especially the first and second styles! I'm really loving the shorter styles now, you're confusing me!! I'd decided on long styles now I dunno!!! I'm still not 100% sure a short style would go with gele.... maybe a small wrap instead of the huge sky high ones. lol
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