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I am still hunting for a dress any places or designs that you can recommend would be greatly appreciated, (reasonable in price)


  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    do you live in london?

    what style are you going for. There are a number of dresses that are less than £1,000. I know from the top of my head that Mori lee and alfred angelo dresses are less than £1k.

  • Have you thought of ordering from the US, even with delivery and tax it can still be a lot cheaper. i have heard good things about Milly Bridal, in fact they are making my BM dresses, and they have been really good at keeping me informed with photo and email at every stage.
  • Think I've already posted on this, but if you're ordering from the US, be very careful re charges. Don't forget the £ is VERY weak against the $ at the moment -it's $1.47 at the moment compared to over $2 eight months ago. Take into account shipping charges - which can be hideous as well as the taxes you have to pay. 12.5% Import and 15% VAT. So the savings may not be as good. Just do your homework, that's all I'm saying.

    With regard to bridal shops. I can recommend Losner's in Stamford Hill. They have an excellent selection of dresses to suit all budgets. All the usual suspects are there : Maggie, Alfred Angelo, Benjamin Roberts, Mori Lee, Justin Alexander and so on. They do have a website so you can Google it and have a look.

    HTH xx

  • Justin alexander 8158 RRP: 1250
  • ooh, my wedding dress has just been delivered to my aunts house in the States , am very excited. I do hear your point Catlover, and like any suggestion on a forum i would recommend researching it yourself to see if it is going to suit you and your needs. In my case the dress i wanted was priced at £870 in the UK and around $800 in the USA, so even with the falling pound and delivery it is still a bargain! I am just annoyed that the WD company get away with charging so much in the UK.
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    Confetti and Lace are having a massive sale on their dresses. I saw a dress last night reduced to £560 from £3200.

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