i need advice and i need to vent we started planning our wedding last year and so far have bought bridesmaids outfits,invitations,paid for venue deposit and rings.In Sept i started a year long full time course which is very stressful,i am finding it difficult to balance wedding planning and studying.Is there anyone out there in the same boat ? Can it be done ? Can i actually study and plan a wedding at the same time?Wedding is in 5 mnths and H2b is as supportive as the next groom out there.i come from a big african family who would normally help during times like these but everyone seems to have something big going on like being heavily pregnant,moving or whatever else is going on so its jst left to me and my H2B.I cant quit the course and i feel if we dont have this wedding when w're planing ,we might never have it.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Help:\?:\?:\?:\(:\(imageimageimage


  • So sorry to hear you're feeling stressed. It hits us all at some point. And I feel your pain as I planned my entire wedding with NO help, organising it for Ireland from the UK combined with moving home (three days before I got married), and lots of family stress and politics...

    But it CAN be done. You sound as though you've got most things sorted.

    In my case, I found it useful to keep a spreadsheet with things to do, target dates, and rough costs. You might have a different way of keeping track, but getting organised and keeping track of things and costs is VITAL as it's so easy to feel overwhelmed with it all. Get the h2b involved. Marriage is about partnership & sharing, so he may as well get used to it now! LOL

    The next big thing you need to do is get your dress!! Most dresses take at least four months if not longer. So you need to sort that out now.

    Have you got a photographer/videographer sorted yet? If the wedding is in 5 months, these too need to be booked ASAP. Get your H2B on the case with that. Get him to book the wedding cars as well. If you're getting married in the summer, all these things can be booked up very quickly.

    Get the guest list sorted. Have you a prelim list ready? Go through it wth your H2B. Aim to send the invitations 6-8 weeks before, so you have plenty of time for the responses.

    I'll have a think & post up more things as I think of them.

    HTH - Good luck & stay calm. You can do it!!!

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    Thanx Mrs Catlover64 thats exactly what i wanted to hear at this moment.W'll get on the photographer and cars case asap,i'm leaving the dress till late as i am hopefull that i will loose some weight before the big day.I have been writting things in a folder but the speadsheet idea sounds better.thanx

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  • NOOOOO - Don't leave the dress until late!! You need to start looking NOW if you're due to marry in 5 months. I personally think you're cutting it fine as it is. I ordered mine in Feb, and I didn't get it until Sept. The dress can easily be altered in any case.

    Just my opinion...
  • Yeah hun you can always get them to take the dress in thats what I am hoping for...I am olanning to orer mine in January although my wedding is not until september.

    I work full time and study part time as well as helping a friend out with there business.

    It can be done hun just be super organised xx
  • MrsZ2b, don't panic girl because you can do it just let us know what you need and we can help. i am still organizing my wedding so i can help with all i can and even check some things for you as i go. take care
  • It is overwhelming. I'm trying to sell my house and working full time is stressful so I feel for you, but try not to let the stress win. Make a list and try and get one or two of th emost important things done at the w/e so you feel less anxious and I agree get your dress asap x
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    U guys are so insipiring .thanx a lot its good to speak to positive people i was tired of hearing people say "well maybe if its stressing you that much why dont you leave it"anyway i have been busy making a plan and i feel loads better and feel that im on the right track.i have decided to get a "preloved wedding dress"(second hand to most) and they have loads of beautiful ones on at reasonable prices I have emailed corrinne from ( got her details from this forum she was recommended by someone)and she has quoted me £175 on the cake that i like which is brilliant.A girl from church is decorating our venue and is charging us £400 for the whole lot inc chair covers and silk flowers .so phew panic over for now;\)

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  • Mrs72B - it can be done - I'm in the same boat, am working full time, have just been promoted into my first managerial post and am also doing a Msc, so lots on! Moreover, my fiance is training to be a solicitor and I'm living in reading but planning my wedding in B'ham! Girl, I hear exactly what you're saying, it can be stressful and you do doubt whether it's sensible, but the thought of being married to my fiance it makes it all worth while!! We've just got 3 months to go an I'm so excited i forget that its been the most stressful time of my life - the life ahead of me is worth it, and I truly believe good things are worth working for. sounds like you're very organised anyway hone, so you'll make it - all is well x p.s. wedding dress ordered asap please! image)

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    thanx Soon -to be and eveyone else u've just given me the reasuarance that i needed.
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