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HELP i am still looking for nice and reasonable priced

bridesmaid dresses


your suggestions are needed urgently


  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    Have you seen the list of photographers on this site? Here is a link

  • MrsZ2bMrsZ2b Posts: 53
    I am on a crazy budget and i bought mine frm BHS during a sale i think it worked out to be something like £35 per outfit.chief bm £45 so you might want to check there

    here are the photographs the password for the album is wed

    I cant help with the photographer coz i still havent found one myself
  • Photographer - type in 'printography' into google... ring him he's very well priced - based in mansfield and charges mileage but still probly works out cheaper than a lot of other photographers ive tried! I'm paying £495 + mileage - and get a great package in with that price
  • I'm using Atunbi, check him out at I love his pics!

    Still having issues with BM dresses though.... LOL!
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