Colour theme help!!

Hi everyone,

I dont have a colour theme yet and the wedding is in ............... Feb next year. I know it's really late but we were going to have it in September but had to move it to Feb.

I really like blue, sort of soft blues, u know not too dark but am having trouble with colours that would look nice and classy. Any ieas would be sooooooo appreciated.

Any ideas even if not involving blue would be appreciated.

Thanks :\?


  • @chica i just spend abt 30 mins typing a full screen of how to choose ur colour and just when i was abt to prove read, i lost it so im going to make this very brief.

    it depends on what you like.Some peeople tend to go 4 their best colours but that doesnt always seem to work as u need to consider the BM Dress, complextion of BM, the hall , Decor and ur choice of flowers.

    I always wanted a Spring colour like Yellow cos im getting married around the beginning of spring but i never seemed to find antyhing in that colour .

    I ended up going for Rapsberry and Gold , after finding my BM dresses...

    Teal is a really nice colour so is purple. And there are so many dresses in these colour at the moment esp in u are buying of the shelf due to time constraint....with the wedding being in March

    Other colours are

    Pale Blue & Cocoa

    Lime Green & Ruby Red

    Fushia & Tangerine

    Celadon & Turquoise

    Champagne & Chocolate

    Cranberry & Beige

    I hope this helps

  • I have always though Duck egg blue and chocolate is a beautiful classic colour combination, some of the suggests above sound yummy

  • MsDarling... we had the colour scheme of duck egg blue, silver and chocolate!! ...

    Changing the chocolate to white would also be nice... xx
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    I like a nice Royal Blue with a lighter shade like Sky Blue and you could have accents of Silver and Deep Fuchsia.

    Turquoise, Ivory & Gold is a nice combination too.

    An ideal tip for anyone planning their colour scheme is to get several paint charts from your local painting/decorating shop. Dulux do good charts. Then, if you select a garment, shoes or whatever and you have a friend or relative who lives a good distance away, you can send them a chart and ask them to get their clothing/accessories to match certain entries on the colour chart!

    Best of luck!

    Bambagirl x
  • lol, Mrs Tinkerbell, great minds and all that (ignore the rest of that sayingimage).

    Bambagirl - good tip with the colour chart idea, that could be really handy.

  • Loving the colour chart idea Bambagirl!!
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    Can anyone help me - what colours can I combine with Liliac? thanks people
  • Silver or Purple can go with Lilac.....
  • ronniqronniq Posts: 229
    Thanks wumie29
  • i think a really fresh green or hot pink would look great with lilac, or even a nice yellow.

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