Where are you guys going for your honeymoon?

Hi guys,

just wondering if any of you have managed to book your honeymoon? and if yes...where are you going?

We have decided to do a muti trip - were going to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Dubai - woo hoo...i really can't wait image


  • Hi,

    We are also going to Bangkok and Hong Kong. Have you been before? I can wait, I am nearly looking forward to it as much as the wedding! I have never been to Dubai, but my sister loves it out there, says the shopping is out of this world. Where are you staying?

    They have an amazing restaurant on top of the State Tower in Bangkok, that I would highly recommend, although we didn't eat there last time, it is top of our list for this trip, we did have drinks at the Sky Bar which was amazing, http://www.bangkok.com/lebua/dining.htm#05

    also the NBK ?? Centre was great for shopping, one whole floor of fake handbags, loved it.

    We will be staying here when get to Bangkok - www.phranakorn-nornlen.com/ not to everyone tastes. But we are 'old hippie's' at heart and it's really child friendly. Another thing I would highly recommend is to get your hotel to arrange a proper Thai massage for when you arrive, we did this and it was one of the highlights of the holiday.

    I hope you enjoy ever mintue. When are you going?

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    we are going to florida in fact disney as we are a older couple and are taking the kids and we are not one for lieing around cooking our skin yer we are sad but i get bored so i had to be doing loads lol, we are the taking a cruise around baharams and wil be there for valentines can,t wait
  • H2b and I are ging to Paris!! I know its just next door but we travel to so many exotic places that in the end we just decided to go somewhere we were familiar with and loved and we have so many good memories from out trips there that Paris was an autimoatic choice really. All we want to do is fool around, walk around and eat! And I'll shop image h2b told me whatever we save from going to Paris instead of somewhere farther away, I can use to knock myself out shopping! Woo hoo can't wait!

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  • we are going to Alderney!! which is close to france..we just wanted a quiet honeymoon.. so our 4 star hotel has a private cinema...its low key but i cant wait!!! 214 days to go!
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