Aerodrome Hotel

Is anybody holding their wedding reception at the Aerodrome Hotel, Purley Croydon this year?


  • Hi girlfriend

    I am.
  • Hey sis! When is yours? Mine is sept 8th. What menue are you having? We want the carribean menu, but are currently trying to organise a tasting session and also want an idea of how big the portions are. You know how us black peeps love our food, so we want to make sure that the portions are generous and theres more than enough. Are you holding it in the Amy Johnson restaurat. Holla back!! ;o)
  • Hi mine is 11th Aug in the Imperial Suite, I'm off for a 2nd visit this Monday. Chose the Aerodrome cos its near and wanted something easy/simple and not too expensive being budget conscious (ie skint) , didn't really want anything too flamboyant, however things seem to be changing and I think I'm going all out bridzilla. I didnt want a frilly dress either but seem to have one, not sure how that happened :\? .

    I'm having the afro caribbean menu, this was also another reason for Areodrome, not many folk cater for us, well not hotels anyway.

    Yeah my people need nuff food too,but I'm sure there will be at least one aunt with a loaf of hardough bread in her hand bag just in case of emergency along with a bottle of Encona pepper sauce and a tupperware to take some home imageimage you know how we do !!!

    Are u local to this side of town.
  • I hear you girl! i.e the idea was to keep it small and to a strict budget. Although, that doesn't seem to be happening! Again with my dress I didn't want a frilly one but have one too!! lol. We asked Barbara the co-ordinator whether we could bring extra food to supplement the menu and she said no, but I know for a fact that we will be bringing some fried fish and extra chicken. We'll sneak it in somehow!!

    No, we are not local but couldn't find anyway near us and the venues that we did like were not available. We did leave it quite late to book as intially we just wanted to go abroad, but our familes wern't having it.

    Yes I agree the Aerodrome is unique in the fact that they offer such a diverse menu. It was the carribean and african menu that sold it for us and the fact that it was affordable too.

    Anyway,hows everything all going, do you still have alot to organise? Are you having a civil or church wedding?

  • Hi

    We have gone for the civil ceremony at the Aerodrome, the whole thing in one place a kind of one stop shop if you like, again the focus WAS on simplicity. Couldnt be doing with finding a separate venue to the church/registry office, then find caterer etc etc. One main feature was no clearing up after.

    I have been to receptions in halls where at the end of the night the wedding party is out with bin liners and brooms cos all the folk who had promised to help have gone home or too p***d to be of use. No way was I doing that image .

    However things seem to be snowballing. So our idea of simplicity is slipping away. like you we had considered getting married abroad at one time, a logistical nightmare so that idea was soon ditched.

    Anyway off to see Barbara and the crew now will let you know how I get on.

  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Just had a look at your hotel and stuff and I'm just so gutted, I really wish I lived in Surrey now, the menu's are so diverse, they have a menu from my home country. As soon as I recognised my language I said oh shit!! why. I'm struggling just to get my hotel to do stuffed peppers something that's so easy.
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