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Cheap Photographer or Videographer for engagement

Hi i am new, Just want to know if anyone know good and affordable Photographer or Videographer for engagement. I am trying to cut cost for engagement.


  • What area do you live?
  • hi babygirl463, i leave in lewisham, south east London and is for early july
  • tleliztleliz Posts: 32
    Wifey2010 - thank you for the suggestion of Trinity Studios. 8\)

    Have you or anyone else used them before - can you say what the service is like?
  • Thank you wifey 2010. I will check it out

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  • A4YEMA4YEM Posts: 28
    yep trinity studios are very good 2 of my friends used them for their wedding, and not only did she get an album and all the usual stuff eg large pics and so on and so on... she also got a cool photobook which was beautiful... very good service as well!!!
  • A4YEMA4YEM Posts: 28
    yep really good they are 2 of my friends used them and we used them for a family party we had recently....very good service... and not too pricey
  • Thank you Wifey 2010. Will check it out
  • MDAV1MDAV1 Posts: 5
    There is a lady I recently came across, she takes lovely pictures, and i called her about her prices, she came down to see me, and I have decided to go with her. Her website is

    You should check it out if you are still looking.

  • Oh thank you. I found one already, For both video and photographer. He is very cheap,
  • Ladies if you want cheap photographer and videographer for engagement let me know. I will not recommend him for wedding thou. He is really good at taking traditional pictures. I have seen some of his work.
  • mtwanamtwana Posts: 4
    Hi Sugarpie

    Could I please have the contact details of the photographer/video you went for. How much did he charge? I also have an engagement coming up.

  • He is called Fanbu picture. He normally charge £500 for both video and Photogragh. He is base in south east London. 07956511189. let me know what he says when you call him.
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