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Me and my Fiance are looking to get married in St Lucia in Dec 2011 - we have looked into the pigeon Islands with wedding planner help of Awesome Caribbean wedding planners as I have heard these are the best. I just wondered if I could ask a couple of questions. Firstly have people gone out there to see the venue before booking or just done it all over the internet without seeing the venue first?Secondly with it obviously being the caribbean it is hot - what is the best time to get married in St Lucia as I want the big huge dress - and really dont want to be sweating in all of the pictures. Lastly (sorry for all the questions) we have had it all priced up - (just for the cermony, legal stuff and reception) they have given us a guide price of around £7000 this is before having to pay all the wedding outfits, the drink, the accomadtin and flights also so I wondered if anyone has any tips for moeny saving but not having to comprising on the actual venue and reception?

Thanks for your help


  • Hi Pinky88, this photographer called Abi at is going to St Lucia in June 2009 to cover a wedding . I heard that St Lucia is small maybe you can ask him if hes in the area to take a few photographs for you... don't tell him I said

    He's a nice guy I am sure he won't mind.

    Just say a friend mentioned it to you that he's gong to St Lucia to cover a Wedding.

    His Number is 07904 541 333 email is [email protected]
  • BeachbrideukBeachbrideuk Posts: 2,154
    Hi Pinky88

    we are getting married in St Lucia next year on Pigeon Island.

    We originally were looking at Nov 2011 but have decided we just cannot wait and have recently bought it forwards.

    I spoke to Awesome about arranging out wedding, but found them to be really snooty about our budget, and so I got in contact with Dreamy Weddings instead.

    Tova has been brilliant, nothing is too much trouble, none of my questions are too silly and more importantly, we are well within budget.

    I would suggest dropping them an email. They usually reply within 24 hours, as you have to allow for the time difference.

    Our Wedding is coming in at about $7000, so when we booked and paid the deposit we were looking at only £3500! Now the dollar rate is poo it will cost about £5000 but still within our budget.

    We are having the private beach decorated, photographer and videographer, cake, champagne, transport to the ceremony and then reception for us and all our guests, flowers for me and BM's, hair and makeup, Can't think what I have missed. Oh the registrar and wedding license! We thought that was really good value and that is with about 20 guests.

    The only thing not included is the wedding breakfast, but am hoping my Dad will cover that. If not I have allowed £1000 which is £50 per head. I am currently perusing menus to chose where we will have this. We just want a basic chicken and steak menu, but in nice surroundings. The photos Tova has emailed me of the potential venues look lovely.

    She will decorate the tables if we want ansd I can even Fed-Ex stuff to her if I don't want to travel with it.

    I did want to go and see it first, but we just can't afford it and having looked at probably hundreds of photos I am quite happy. I also like the idea that I just turn up and it is all done! Have a read on trip advisor, there are some reviews including weddings.

    TBH I think whenever you chose it will be hot. I think the typical temp is about 28 degrees. You can get destination dresses that are still classically shaped, but made from lighter materials so are not as hot. Also wearing a hoop under your skirt will help.

    Our ceremony is scheduled for 4.30 as sunset is at 6ish so we can have sunset photos. That way no-one is in direct sunlight for too long., and it should be the cooler end of the day. Am also planning on having fans for favours and possibly parasols as well.

    If you want to know anything else let me know. I have honestly asked so many questions, but it is such an important decision.

  • mbleaumbleau Posts: 13
    Hi my finace and I are getting married in June 2009 in St Lucia.

    I am of St Lucian heritage and my partner is of Nigerian origin.

    Abi the photographer mentioned above is covering our wedding. We are marrying at the sugar mill heritage site.

    Awesome weddings have organised most of the details for us as our busy schedules have limited the amount of trips we can make before the wedding. I am surprised Awesome have been described as snotty. Michele has handed all our details personally and has been very warm, helpful and effecient in all our requests and queries.

    Try Awesome and ask for Michele it is worth you getting quotes from both them and Dreamy weddngs

    Good luck image
  • BeachbrideukBeachbrideuk Posts: 2,154

    I had heard many good reviews of Awesome, which is why I initially contacted them.

    As far as I have been able to work out, no-one else has had such an experience, maybe I caught them on a bad day!
  • Hi Miss blue so its your wedding Abi is covering in St Lucia in June please dont forget to share your Wedding day Photographs with us please.....

    Oh I am jealous now.
  • pinsian1981pinsian1981 Posts: 39
    Hi everyone.....

    i'm getting married in St. Lucia 2 weeks today!!!

    I was originally going to Cancun but we had to swop it last week due to the swine flu.

    We're getting married at the Coconut Bay Resort. I'm so happy as we don't think we're getting second best, infact probably will be more amazing.


    Sian x
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