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Doing the nigerian thing without offending anyone - HELP!!!


My family are from Caribbean and h2b family are from Nigeria, Igbo tribe. They have not really contributed to our lives culturally and h2b has never been encouraged to do so. So we didnt have a trad engagement and not having trad ceremony. Now we are getting married we would like to incorporate some Naija to represent us and show our children something about their culture. So after doing some research found out about 'Tasting the Elements' which is essentially the couple taste something 4 flavour inc sour -lemon juice, hot - chilli sauce etc .and finish with honey - sweet to represent the difficult emotions in a relationship that we will endure and the sweetness to follow etc. I thought it was great. Its not Igbo is Yoruba adapted tradition or so I understand, but it would be a nice thing to do it seems to have offended some people and so now not sure what to do? Have you guys got any suggestions???

Also we are planning to do this at the church but I understand this is also a No No??

HELP - any advice appresciated!


  • My Dear the earlier you come to terms with the fact that you can satisfy everyone the
  • Remember you are the bride and its your traditional they need to be observing,But I do understand its a no win situation . so you best leaving it alone.

    I think a simple gesture like jumpin over the broom might be o.k.

    But my point is to just do it on the day..and don't start telling everyone... Just do Nike..

    and "Yes we Can" like OBAMA!!!!
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    Way i've got around this is to have a traditional Igbo wedding ceremony before the white ceremony more as a type of engagement party. It's taking place the night before the wedding and involves kola nuts and beer so it's a good way of the two families meeting before the wedding.

    It's actually a lot of fun trying to find your intended! The best bit is that I'm not organising this my cous2B is doing this and has explained the hide and seek game which you have to play.

    Oh and I've also learnt a few basic Igbo phrases....maybe a step too far but thought i would make the effort.

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