Hymns & Readings.....

Just wondered what hymns and readings everyone was having?

I am having trouble trying to pick hymns, i want to pick ones that suit the occasion

and ones that everyone knows because i don't want to be singing on my own LOL!



  • Hi Sassy girl, how you be???

    Hymns we have chosen are

    All Things Bright and Beautiful

    Lord of All Hopefulnss

    Bring Me Joy in my Heart

    The trick about hymns is to chose something that the majority of your guests will know. There is nothing worse than the crowd just mumbling becuase they dont know the hymns so make sure you choose something popular.

    As for my reading, my cousin is chosing it for me as she is doing the reading. She is currently researching and hasnt got back to me as yet but I have given her until the end of Feb.

  • all things bright and beautiful, thats a good one everyone knows that!!

    and bring me joy in my heart!!

    we are having a reading from corinthians, love is patient love is kind etc
  • I'm having that reading aswell Sassy, it's one of my favourite readings in the Bible.
  • Hi girls, we're still not decided on hymns, but for readings, apart from 1.Chorintians, I.John 4, 7-12 is also good.

    In our marriage preparation course in churhc we were given 'homework' to read Song of Songs, which is really passionate stuff! Might consider some of that???
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