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Ideas for Nigerian food at wedding reception.


We are due to have a Igbo Nigerian wedding later on this year. We are hoping to have a buffet style for the reception. What types of food would you serve? We have contacted a caterer..but it seems we want to serve too many different types of food.

Help would be appreciated.




  • nimsgirlnimsgirl Posts: 480
    Nigerian met pie, pepper soup, jollof rice, fried rice, beans, fried plaintain, yam porrige, pounded yam, spring roll, noodles, snapper fish etc
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    Me too having same Igbo nija wedding....they seem to serve tonnes of food. I've been sampling different dishes and writing down the ones i like...although it seems there are definite 'party' dishes that's a must.

    So far i've narrowed it down to Porridge, Jollof Rice but trying more next week not sure about bitterleaf soup but i'm rather fond of that dish i'm struggling with the desserts....fruits fine but i think i want something more appealing than chin chin lololol.

  • KayaukKayauk Posts: 170
    I had a Ghanian stroke Igbo wedding we avoided soups and had foods like fried rie jollof rice Thai noddles moi moi fried fish grilled chicken fried chicken salmon and a fruit table for desserts starters were samsoa spring rolls and everyone loved it.
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