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So Happy

I am so happy that I found this site, so much of what you are discussing is what I am struggling with too. I have to say it actually brought a tear to my eye. Was in the middle of ordering the Caribbean evening buffet and was stopped in my tracks. My wedding is in June and this has kick started me. It great to see that others area s nervous as I am about the big day. I am off to find bridesmaids dresses this evening but as I want to be the star of the show ( how awfully selfish) image this is going to prove difficult my girls are all gorgeous so they will look good in anything I put them in.

Anyway need to get on and book ticks for the national wedding show at the end of the month before getting back down to work..



  • its not that great! most of us have been its not all that. if you have booked most of you stuff it will just be a bit of a waste! sorry to put a downer on it! still go you may enjoy it xx
  • Hi Spence

    I'm getting married in June aswell, I'm the 22nd when is yours and where?
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Hey welcome Spence, if you want to chat we have a General Chat page too, we will probably have to start a new thread for that cause it's on page 51 now.

  • I WISH I had booked most of my things. Still need favours, tiara, veil, shoes ( one's i bought too high) rings invites, dresses, place cards ,honeymoon and probably a million other things I can't remember... Getting married at the Templeton Estate just outside Richmond park Civil ceremony with blessing and reception all in one place.

    I been looking on American websites which have so much more in terms of ideas and the dollar pound situation makes it very tempting to make a trip.

    Actually my biggest concern is that I decided to order my dress 2 sizes too small and now with the stress I am eating everything in sight and am probably a size bigger than usual, but my cunning plan is that I am attempting to run the marathon hoping that I can get it off and keep it off for the big day.

    Not much of a techy so will wait for someone else to open a new thread on the general chat page ...
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    Hi spence....2 SIZES TOO SMALL!!!!! You crazy girl! you bes' get running . I am sure it will be fine.

    I was gonna get married there the first time i was getting married years ago so it wasn't an option this time!!! its beautiful there, i remember going to see it!
  • are u nuts, 1 size too small maybe but two!! lol

    don't you know that as soon as we get engaged and start to diet it turns into the see-food diet, see-food and eat it! lol

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