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2010 dominican wedding anyone


i'm getting married in punta cana dominican republic in January 2010. would love to hear if anyone else has or is getting married in the dominican for ideas.



  • Hi there, I'm getting married in the Dominican Republic, punta cana in September 09 at Dreams Punta Cana!!

    Can't wait really excited, what hotel are you going to?!

  • Hi MrsAllsobrook2B,

    i'm getting married in the dreams punta cana too! I can't wait, you will have to let me know how things go. The resort looks amazing, i've spoke to a few people that have been there and they say it's great.

    What are u doing about photographer, i'm not sure whether to go with resort photographer or try someone outside???



  • Hi Lisa,

    Can't believe were getting married in the same hotel it does look amazing the wedding gazebo did it for me!! Looks like there's plenty to do!!

    Not sure what to do about photographer, I've had a look at the dreams website and it says you can e-mail the wedding co-ordinator asking for pictures of other weddings so going to try that this week!! Will let you know of I get any pics back and defo let you know how we get on over there we fly on the 3rd Sept.


  • yfynnyfynn Posts: 47

    Im getting married at dreams punta cana as well, flying out on the 2nd of august and getting married on the 5th.Were using photosouvenir who are more expensive than the hotel photographer but their work is amazing. Were having a trash the dress session on the beach afterwards, I cant wait!
  • lisachaslisachas Posts: 50
    wow i can't beleve i've found 2 other people getting married in the same place as me. you guys are first so you have to keep me informed.

    i've had a look at their website and their work looks fantastic. also somone my aunt knows used them and she said the photos were breathtaking. do you mind me asking how much of a difference in price from the resort photographer?

    what have you guys done about legallising and translating you birth certificates and affadavits? i was given a company by Thomas cook and they are coming in at £1000 (not including soliciters fees for affadavits) just wondering if you have done it yourself or found another company?

    have you contacted the weeeding co-ordinator out there? not sure if it's a bit early for me to start contacting her?
  • yfynnyfynn Posts: 47
    Weve gone with the basic (and Cheapest) package which is costing 1200 dollars. This is costing a lot more than I first thought due to exchange rates, but hopefully it will be worth it.

    Weve been advised by the hotel to use an american company called WEDO to translate and legalise our documents I've contacted them and they've quoted me 340 dollars so a lot cheaper than here.

    I contacted the wedding co ordinator as soon as we booked (about 12 months ago) just to ensure our date, time etc were correct. You chose your wedding location, flowers, cake etc when u arrive.

    Have you been on the dreams forum, it has a wedding section with loads of informationimage
  • Thanks for info on photographers, been on photosouvenier's website and there photo's look amazing and defo worth the money, they are so professional!! The documents price is fantastic, where are WEDO based and do you have to send the documents to them. We were going to do ours directly with the FCO and Dominican Embassy which was coming out at about £344ea

    Sounds like the wedding co-ordinator is really helpful. Who are you guys travelling with, we've booked through Thomas Cook.

  • lisachaslisachas Posts: 50
    we are booked through thomas cook too. i emailed the wedding co-ordinator at dreams and she got back to me today. seems really helpful.

    ALSO. I ordered my dress today woo hoo (see pic at side). and bridesmaids dresses too, 50% off them, bargain.

    Going tomorrow to craft fair to get card etc for my invites place cards etc. soooo excited, things are starting to come together.

  • Hi Lisa,

    How did you get on at the craft fair any good? I am making my own invites so starting to look at getting the bits I want! Your dress looks fab, and you got a great deal on the bridesmaid dresses!!

    I ordered my dress 4 weeks ago, its alfred angelo (see link below) although the picture does it no justice!!


  • lisachaslisachas Posts: 50
    Hi Carrie,

    your dress is beautiful.

    My aunt is making my invites (wedding present). yeh we got on great, we were trying to find ribbons and card that matched colours on bridesmaids dresses. booked my reception for back home today. we are having it at a holiday inn, never thought of having it there until someone i spoke to recently and they said they were really resonable. £1000 for buffet and sparlkling wine for 100, dj, table covers, red carpet for arrival, cake stand and knife and a room for us for the night. plus they have just refurbished they function rooms. think it's the rings next.

    what colour scheme you going for?

  • You got a fab deal on your reception back home that really is a fantastic deal!! How long after you get back is your reception? We arrive back on the 18th and have our reception the week after on the 26th, it's gonna be a busy week!!

    I'm going for a dark pink colour scheme, how bout you?


  • lisachaslisachas Posts: 50
    my colour scheme is turquiose and petrol blue. i got my bridesmaid dresses from debenhams. they are bridal white mint green, turquiose and petrol blue vertical ribbons, so trying to take my colours from them. going to try and add a link, not sure if it will work.

  • lisachaslisachas Posts: 50
    think it worked its the first dress on this page.

    'Aqua ribbon trim prom dress'

  • Hello, I was just wondering, have been told by travel company that we have to be in Dominican for 5 days (excluding weekend and the day you arrive) before we can get married but I noticed that one of u is getting married 3 days after. Can I ask whcih tour operator u are going with? What are everyone else arrangements??
  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    you have to be there for 5 days,have a look at the DR embassy website under weddings,lots of info there.
  • yfynnyfynn Posts: 47
    Hi, I was told by the wedding co -ordinator that it was a legal requirement that we were there for 3 days before the wedding, I was initially going with Thomas Cook who told me 5, but I think this is more their policy and not dominican law. My sister married in the dominican last summer and she also married after 3 days and her marriage certificate has come through so it must be right image
  • thanks for the reply, its all so confusing but have found an independent travel agent who seems to now her stuff thank god!!
  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    i got married on day 10,wanted it sooner really,my wedding certificate was ready after 8 weeks,have just sent it to the embassy to be translated back into english an it was back in 2 days,excellent i thought!
  • Stace08ukStace08uk Posts: 163
    Hi all, hope ya all ok? i'm getting married in Dominican Clubhotel Riu Mambo its beautiful and the gazebo that gets decotated looks gorgeous too. 8th March 2010 it was the 7th but falls on a sunday and they dont do weddings on a weekend and the 8th is my brothers birthday xx:\)
  • hi, first post so i'm very new to this! I'm getting married in Nov this year at Gran Ventana Playa Dorada in North Dom Rep. I can't wait!! I was told that we have to be there 5 days too.
  • rogers_s73rogers_s73 Posts: 28

    Im getting married in October and have started to panic about the docs so im asking everyone if they have any ideas!! You may find this on many forums on here but thats how desperate I am!!

    I just dont know what to do, we have been quoted £1500 by a company who do it all for you but if i can save more i would like to try!! Does anyone have any ides please??? Thanks.

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