Hen Night

Hi ladies,

Is everyone everyone having a hen night? if yes what is everyone doing because I am really stuck for ideas on what to do!

All I know is that it has to fun, funky and STRICTLY NO STRIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;\)



  • I'm having a Hen Weekend.

    All the girls in the bridal party and a couple of really close friends are going to Ibiza in June.
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    I am having a pre hen, hen weekend. A hen weekend & a post hen, hen night! You know me ! I have to be extra!

    Going on a muredr mystery weekend in cheltenham for the pre hen with my bridesmiads & mum, going to brighton with 'my girls' for drunkeness, dancing, pole dancing classes, a sexy cahperone for the day and night, strip show thingy. And when we get back on the monday we are having an ann summers party with butlers in the buff!




  • thanks Bambi that looks fab just thinking that it is alittle bit expensive for my peeps but the idea is fab!
  • NaddyNaddy Posts: 114
    I booked mine a couple of weeks ago. I'm having a hen weekend in Cambridge. 2 nights accomodation, restaurant and party night for £90. Bargain! I can see myself now on a sunny day on a chaffuered punt sipping champagne.

    I used www.freedomltd.com. They have the most choice and flexiblity that i've seen.
  • MadgeoMadgeo Posts: 13
    I am having mine in a resturant but we have asked if we can provide entertainment and they agreed. i am paying for a belly dancer to come and show us the moves and she will also entertan us. It's 200pounds and worth it as it will be diffrerent. Got them from a company in London if anyone wants to know.
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