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Mshogany Bridal show

Hi ladies,

Has anyone here been to the Mahogany Bridal Show? It's on Sunday 29th and considering going but just wanted to see if anyone had been and what their thoughts are/



  • nimsgirlnimsgirl Posts: 480
    lots of ladies on forum been and they said it was crap
  • sbusarisbusari Posts: 162
    oh no crap? in what way?
  • I have heard so too but I am going to go at least I might pick up a few tips here and there
  • nezigbohnezigboh Posts: 35
    I've already bought tickets but apparently the only vendors that will be there are those selling wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses which is a bit useless for me as I have already ordered those.
  • writergal - did u make it? I went with my H2B ummmmm it was okay not overly excited about slightly a bit unorganised.

    Sad to think that about our own. Prefered the wedding show at olympia got few more ideas

  • Oh yeah the guy playing the sax was real gud enjoyed that. Had a word might be having him for the champagne reception
  • sbusarisbusari Posts: 162
    SJP --- Yes I made it, What a massive disappointment. I got my sisters and friends to go along and my mum as well. I really wanted to support the show and organisers but it was not great and I don't want to be overly critical BUT:

    -- Why did they bother handing out Mahogany plastic bags with NOTHING in it but leaflets at the door on the way in?

    -- I was really surprised at the small number of vendors, surely there are more people catering for brides of colour?

    -- The fashion show was entertaining but I really cringed when the male models started bopping down the catwalk in their formal suits, call me old fashioned but it's supposed to be a formal attire for a wedding not bopping down the street to the bus stop. It was such a stereotyped image and the varying styles of 'bops' was unintentionally hilarious.

    The chocolate fountain and the sax player were the highlights but I really didn't need to pay 10 pounds for that.

    The whole thing really lacked polish and I just can't believe it's the 12th year. I got zero ideas, apart from maybe how not to do my wedding!
  • Lol

    Well maybe they will do better nxt year! - But i'll not be going

  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149 New bride
    Hate to say it, but told you so....

    Have a read of this thread here -

    Disappointed, but not surprised there was no discernable improvement this year....
  • akarelleakarelle Posts: 29
    hi S.J.P i loved the Sax guy as well could you please email me his details if u dnt mind i would love to have him as well for my cocktail hour

    [email protected] thank you so much
  • PrincessCeePrincessCee Posts: 496
    Hi, I'd really like the sax guy's details too if you don't mind.

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